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The Los Angeles Folk Art Museum is having an exhibit of Book Art.  I went today and came out very inspired.  First, a couple photos of the wonderful old houses near the museum.

There were all kinds and sizes of book art on display.  The first is by Howard Marshall, and reflects his African American roots.

The next one was made by Susan Sironi, who used a surgical scalpel to carve out a delicate sculpture from a book.

This next one was photographed by the famous LA artist, Ed Ruscha. As you can see in the title, it is “Every Building on the Sunset Strip,” which is a very famous street in Hollywood.

The one below, was a book photographed by another famous LA artist, John Baldessari. Read the title, then check out the photo that follows.

A tiny box with rolled up newsprint.

I pulled out something I started a while back, all hand stitched, but never finished.  The second photo shows what kind of detail I need to add to each square.

A look at the sky last night in front of my house.

“At any street corner, the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.”       Albert Camus

But I was not on a street corner.  I was in my house, watching Donald Trump address Congress on TV.

Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy your week.






8 thoughts on “Book Art

  1. Fabulous stitching in your squares. Book exhibits are always astounding to me. I sometimes feel like people don’t always get art books, but they take such tremendous work to create. Thanks for sharing. xox

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Its been way to long in visiting your site. I’m in love with all your artwork.
    It’s just amazing. I am so glad I stopped by this morning. It is inspiring.

  3. i surely would enjoy to go to this book art Exhibition, Looks very inspiring!
    and of course i´m in AWE with you handstitched work – love the Colors and the embroidery around…
    have a good time:)

  4. I love book art and I saw two wonderful exhibitions some years before. so much inspiration!!
    your hand stitched work is so exactly and wonderful. I love your mix of beautiful colours you used. and the tiny flowers!!
    have good time,

  5. I always love your house photos and the book exhibit looks interesting. I like youur little hand stitched piece very much. You get points for actually watching 45. I couldn’t do it–even the analysis afterward was hard to watch-blah blah blah–he acted like a normal human being for an hour–wonder what he is tweeting this morning…

  6. Oh, the book art exhibition I would like to visit very much. And your hand stitched work is so lovely. It will be going on, slowly perhaps, but that doesn’t matter ;-). Best wishes to you – Ghislana

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