Making Things Happen

Once a month there is a flea market very near my house. One woman always has lots of wonderful old buttons and fabric for sale.

Today she had some old sample books of fabric.  They contained all the colors on the color wheel, with interesting names for each.  They were intriguing, but I didn’t know how I would use them in a project

I didn’t buy the sample books, but I found these 1940’s post cards that I purchased. They show different places in the United States from that time.

I received the postcard below in the mail as an advertisement. I wanted to use it somehow in an art piece.  I made some lino stamps, stamped them onto old book pages, and added a little black ink. On the black and white post card, I painted a little water color.

Some final shots of a tree in my back yard.  I think it has enjoyed all the rain we’ve had, because it is in full flower.  That’s my little art studio that my husband built, behind it.

For several months now since the election, people in large cities and small cities have been visiting the offices of their elected officials demanding that their health care not be taken away.  All these people that have never been involved in politics before, made something happen because they were out there reminding politicians to do their job.  And it worked!  24 million people will not lose their healthcare.  Amazing.

“Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once, beautiful and brave.”   Rainer Maria Rilke

Have a beautiful week, and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.





7 thoughts on “Making Things Happen

  1. I love it to see how you create your charming artwork. Your ideas and the outcome is always so very pretty and unique. I also love the pictures you took of the flee market treasures. Wonderful findings! Have a great week!

  2. enjoyed your post – and for some reason your backyard photos didn’t show up – but the others did. Maybe it’s my connection. I’ll check again

  3. I love vintage anything, buttons are a particular favorite as I love to sew.👗

    That tree is so pretty, what a gorgeous pink.

    Have a super week. 🌼

  4. I love the old postcards. They truly are works of art. I told a friend at the retreat about your stamping. She is somewhat of an artist also. She couldn’t believe how you cut up such large pieces of linoleum and make designs with them. Our peace tree looks like your tree with the pink. I think we’re going to have a lot of peaches this year.

  5. that fleamarket would be very dangerous for me. i often buy things of which i don´t know how to work with… but future will Show (or not, haha).
    and never throw away anything, as your Advertising pc Shows… beautiful arwork with it!
    great Color Combo of the pink blossoms and the blue sky!
    hope you will have a great week!

  6. Lucky you-your own little art studio!! I would have snapped some of those buttons up!!
    Now on to the next political hurdle–getting an independent investigation into Trump and the Russians–it gets worse each day

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