The Sun, the Moon…

The other night I walked in Redondo Beach overlooking the ocean.  I went with my two Camino walking buddies.  The sun was shining and the air was crisp when we started out.  We got to see this as we were nearing the end of our walk.

On a walk through my neighborhood I saw this.

I made some spring images with water color and a handmade stamp, some very thin paper and text from old books.  I then cut them up to send out as cards.

My bougainvillea is getting brighter as we move further into spring, and the tiny dormant plants have pushed through the ground.

There is a Japanese store near my house where almost everything is $1.50.  They have so many tiny and cute things.  It is very difficult to buy lots of things I don’t need.  But I couldn’t leave the store without buying these, especially because I have an old wooden chair I got from a thrift store that needed some. Tiny llama booties for the legs so they don’t scratch the floor! (Four in the package).

I just watched the Committee hearings of the Russian ties and involvement in our Presidential election.

“Three things cannot be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth.”   Buddha

Enjoy your week.  Thank you for visiting my blog.





11 thoughts on “The Sun, the Moon…

  1. I love how you’ve restyled the postcard and added the linocut-collage pieces.
    The blossoms are beautiful and I’ve enjoyed walking to the store and viewing Spring here too.
    (this reply is for another post)

  2. Your huge bougainvillea hedge is a dream – I love this plant so much. Memories of holidays in Spain, because here it’s too cold for this flower. But I have a small bougainvillea in a pot, which goes at the balcony in summer, Ulrike

  3. love the Bougainvillea – such intense plant Colors are not seen here before may! awesome collaged and stamped spring Cards… and i´ve never seen chair booties before, they put a smile on my face.
    true Buddha Quote. hope that helps us through These times.
    have a good week:)

  4. What BEAUTIFUL flowers of bright colors and an amazing sunset! Wow! I had no idea little booties were made for the legs of chairs and/or tables. What a really cute idea!! 🙂 Beautiful watercolor paintings as well.

  5. wow i love those llama booties. I love the 1.50 Japanese store – which I’ve been too before – very hard to resist just about everything they sell. Love your cards – very creative and clever. I wish I lived close enough to the close to go walk near the beach.

  6. Your bouganvilla is massive. I think my jasmine is going to have a lot of blossoms
    also. The llama booties are really unusual. Beautiful sunset!!

  7. Oh those little lama boots!! I wish I could go on your walks with you–so many wonderful things to look at–beginning to green up here-last week it was so beautiful-all the bradford pears with their white blossoms, daffodils tulip trees in bloom and then zap came the cold freezing temps and the beautiful white and ink tress are all brown and the daffodils laying on the ground. Re the hearings; now it is imperative that Gorsuch not be approved as long as the investigation is going on!!

  8. what a wonderful walk! I wish I’d been there!! you have a wonderful bougeinvilea in your garden, the colour is so great!
    I love your cards, they are really pure springtime!
    wish you a good week – buddha is so right!
    🙂 mano

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