April Ramblings

Last Tuesday a friend and I had a craft day.  She lives high on a hill surrounded by native California plants and trees.  Everything was very green after the nice amount of rain we had during the winter months.

It is quite an effort for my Honda to scale the road to her front door, but once there, the view is lovely in every direction.

Inside, we sat down to make “crafts.”  We thought we’d start with some mail art.  There was a lot of “stuff” to choose from.

Even with so many choices, I couldn’t seem to capture the ideas that I had in my head.  I decided I’d give it another try the next day at home.

Here is her dog Abbey, in contemplation.  Abbey is pure joy, and likes to shower you with it when you arrive.

So at home, I tried again with some mail art ideas. The weather lately has been perfect to utilize the outside art room.

A view from the inside looking out.

This first one I used a window stamp I made, for Mullein Art blog.  I decided on stained glass windows, and used a little water color.

For this second one, I made a wave stamp.

A walk around the yard.  Some Morning Glories.

Bottle Brush tree.

Some potted succulents.

Sophie has been enjoying the nice weather as well.

I hope all is well with you.  Have a good week.  Thank you for visiting.



7 thoughts on “April Ramblings

  1. Wow, what a variety of art and flowers. Each picture is really interesting.
    Your art house looks very cute. It would be interesting to
    see inside.

  2. it Looks like you had a really great time there! the mail art Cards are just my taste…
    and all These flowers… i didn´t trust my eyes the lilac blossoms were covered with snow this morning – aaaah, April!!
    have a great week, Barbara!

  3. You present beautiful flower photos here – we here have to wait a few months for this summer glory. I love these beautiful blue winds very much, they are on my balcony every year! Great your mail-art – love especially the waves!
    …. and so cute, your cat hidden in the flowers! Regards – Ulrike

  4. this little house is so wonderful to make art and crafts and the view is pure inspiration! your cards are so beautiful and I’m so happy with the one I got from you!! I never saw a bottle bush tree – fascinating!! and little sophie remembers me that I want to sow this indian cress!
    🙂 mano

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