Rooms With A View

A few windows to participate in Muellerinart blogspot window theme. These are from my Camino Santiago walk last year.

After leaving Pamplona.

In the town of Belorado.


A sketch from my travel journal while staying in the tiny town of Sabenche, near Barbadello.

These last three are from Madrid.

I’m planning on doing some window stamping pieces.  I’ve been ill and haven’t had an opportunity.  Will share next time.

If you are interested in checking out more of my Camino walking photos, click on the months of April and May of 2016 in the archives of my blog.

Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Rooms With A View

  1. you have an awesome photo collection, my favorite is the second one. always asking what might go on behind These Windows… Story inventing;)
    so good you are sketching when on your way… i always hesitated to begin this, i think i never will…
    take care of your health,
    xox johanna

  2. there are beautiful windows on your way! i love your painting very much, it’s really impressive! when I saw the three doggies in 2016 I couldn’t help laughing!! so cute!!
    have nice easter days!
    🙂 mano

  3. Love your collection of windows and these buildings with their warm atmosphere, and most of all your drawing in the sketchbook. Best wishes, have a good weekend – Ghislana

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