Artful Day

Today I went to see an art exhibit, but when I got there, it was only photos of past exhibits.  Oh well, there were some nice things to see on the way, and the gallery is in a beautiful setting.  I thought I’d take a different way than I usually do, but I missed the offramp of the freeway.  At that point, I had to drive quite a distance down Sunset Boulevard, but that was OK too, because there were many things to look at. I enjoy driving through the different areas of LA.  I snapped a few photos of a neighborhood I went through.

The Jacaranda trees are in bloom, and when the flowers fall to the ground, it looks like a purple carpet.

The gallery is high on a hill in Hollywood.  Walking around the outside is as nice as looking at what’s inside. Across from the gallery is the Hollyhock House built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1919. There weren’t any tours of the inside today, but the inside and outside have a lot of geometric designs.

In between the gallery and the Hollyhock house are rows of pine trees.  It is a quiet and peaceful place.

From the top, looking out in one direction, is a view of LA.

From the parking lot you can see the Hollywood sign.

They have art classes for adults and children.  On the way out of the parking lot there is a tall sculpture (very old) covered with tiles that children made.  I love the rough textures.

Finally, there are rows of olive trees as you drive back down the hill.

So, no art exhibit, but still very artful.



5 thoughts on “Artful Day

  1. What a shame that there wasn’t a real exhibit but in your lovely area there are always beautiful things to admire. I’ve never seen a Jacaranda tree in person but they look just gorgeous. The sculpture with all those tiles made by children is wonderful.
    Have a great weekend, Barbara!
    xo Julia

  2. Beautiful pictures, you live really in a dreamlike area, where many like to go on vacation. But just in the last few days it has finally become warmer, a bit of summer feeling, which we have been waiting for so long.
    Thanks for your always so nice comments in my blog!

  3. i would have loved to spend this day with you! wonderful photos, lots of inspirations – yes, this also is art! the jacaranda trees are awesome, too!

  4. this sculpture is really wonderful, beautiful children art! I have never seen jacaranda trees, they are so beautiful! you live in a fantastic landscape!!
    🙂 mano

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