Moving Into May

In the early evenings on Thursdays, my two Camino friends and I walk near the beach.  Last week we saw a large group of whales making their way up to Alaska.  Pictures were difficult because I was too far away, but it was magical to see them lift their heads out of the water.  They were very close to shore. If you look at the middle of this photo and a little to the left, that black spot is one of them.

Other views from that evening.

I’ve been working on a variety of projects this past week.  Below are a couple sketches from my Camino photos.

A friend and I might sell some of our crafts in an upcoming flea market.  I took a lot of things I have accumulated and started cutting, and gluing.  The first is the start of some small boxes.  I plan on mounting them on cardboard with wire to hang on a wall.  I’ll show that when I finish.  I think it will give them a sturdier look.

More to come.  The recipe above came from a very old cookbook I got at a yard sale.  It looks like it’s from the 1940’s, and is bound with string. It was put together by the Borden Company. I remember my mom buying Borden’s evaporated milk to use in various recipes when I was a child.  I love the illustrations in the book.  I’m going to use some of the pages to stamp on.

I’m gluing extra plates and cups together to make cookie pedestals.

I have been involved with a small political grassroots group since the 2016 election.  We want to help get Democrats elected to Congress in 2018.  We are ready to launch a website in two days. The site will have information on candidates and voting rights around the United States. The name of the site is Blue Sweep LA.

That’s all for now.  I hope your week is good.  Thank you for visiting my blog.





7 thoughts on “Moving Into May

  1. That must have been exciting to see the whales. Your other photos give wonderful impressions from the coast and your ideas seem to be very interesting. Good luck for your political project.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. how exciting to be Close to whales! you are spoilt to live in this wonderful Environment.
    good luck at the flea market and much success in your political Group!
    have a great Weekend,

  3. Your art boxes are beautiful and now I know the english word for what we call “Etagere”. They look interesting with the cups upside down.
    Good luck your political work and a nice weekend!

  4. Very pretty ocean scenes. I love your sketches – the rabbit and duck
    sketches are so cute.

  5. I like your cookie plate idea. And lucky you to be near to a beach to walk along and see whales!! Good luck with your group–we need all the Democrats we can get unless of course they are like Joe Manchin and Heidi Heidkamp.

  6. I think it was a gladdening experience to watch the whales! some years ago me and my daughter saw a group of little dolphins in the northsea, it was really great!
    your paintings are beautiful and I’m looking forward to your boxes!
    have a wonderful may!

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