Sun (flowers) And Rain

It seemed as though summer had arrived here in Southern California.  The temperature was rising.  Sure signs of summer were appearing.

But then we got a day of very cold winter rain.  Not typical at all for May.

The weather has stayed fairly cool since then.  Last Saturday was a day of bird activities in Los Angeles.  A friend brought over her very large camera and we went to the Madrona Marsh five minutes from my house. It is nature preserve in the middle of my town.  When we arrived, we were told that a very rare bird from Mexico was sighted at the marsh that morning.  They said it was so blue that it looked purple. It’s name is Indigo Bunting.  We saw a blue bird, but not the rare Indigo Bunting.  We did see several groups of newborn geese.  I had only my iPhone, so I wasn’t able to get photos of the babies, but I got a couple photos of the adult geese.

I’ve continued to fill small boxes with tiny objects.  This first one is connected, but there are two separate photos of it. I buy eggs that are from humanely raised chickens. Some of the paper in the box is from the egg carton.

The next one has mini recreational objects.

I have more that I’m working on, and eventually I’ll attach each one to cardboard.

“Because we have viewed other animals through the myopic lens of our self importance, we have misperceived who and what they are. Because we have repeated our ignorance, one to the other, we have mistaken it for knowledge.”   Tom Regan, American philosopher

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5 thoughts on “Sun (flowers) And Rain

  1. Barbara,

    I love the sunflowers!! The geometric designs on the Frank Lloyd Wright building is very fun to see. I also like your box with the Monopoly money and markers.

  2. Your excursion to the bird’s place sounds lovely although you did not spot the purple one. I also love it to watch nature. As well I love your sweet little boxes. This is such a wonderful idea to keep small stuff.

  3. i often regret i don´t have a good zoom for animal photos, esp birds. but then… i´m no longer willing to carry around the heavy stuff.
    i like the small boxes with the tiny elements. yes, sustainably produced Food is so important!
    and you already have sunflowers? oh, california!!
    have a great week, Barbara!

  4. it’s a pity that you haven’t seen the blue-purple bird, but I love your geese too! in february we saw many of these canada geese at the river elbe.
    your little boxes are lovely! good to see the pasture-raised hen on green grass!
    sunny days to you! now I have to seed sunflowers in my garden!!

  5. Those sunflowers are wonderful to see and live up to their name! I can imagine how large your friend’s camera is. I remember talking to some bird watchers and noticing their telephoto lenses. So fun to see geese. Your boxes are coming out lovely! Each one has it’s own story to inspire!

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