The (Almost) Sighting of the Rare Indigo Bunting

Since I only had my i phone when I went to the marsh a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t get good photos of the birds there. But my friend Alex brought her very large camera, so I’m going to share some of the lovely photos she took.  The baby geese were just a week or so old.

Here is an egret.

Here is the blue bird that we thought was the rare Indigo Bunting.

Not sure what kind of bird this guy is.

I got together with my crafting friend Toni, and we made some paper quilts.  This one is about 9 inches by 9 inches. Water color and acrylic. I was trying to make some kind of a pattern.

Then I cut it up again, and placed the colors in a more random order.  I didn’t put it through the machine again since the stitching was still there, but now the stitching was also more random. I used a metallic thread.

And I made a couple more boxes.

Some plants I found during a neighborhood walk.

Some kind of a cactus.

Hope you are enjoying your days.  It feels like summer here.  We’re already complaining about the heat.  Thank you all for visiting my blog.



10 thoughts on “The (Almost) Sighting of the Rare Indigo Bunting

  1. oh, I haven’t seen this post…. I love your little doggie boxes so much and the blue bird is really fantastic!
    🙂 mano

  2. The paper quilt has become fantasticly – a good idea, which I should implement for my many papers once too!
    Oh, I wonder what pretty birds fly around you, the blue one looks wonderful!
    Best wishes – Ulrike

  3. Very cute pictures of the geese and babies. Since you showed us how to
    put the paper quilts together, now I can see how it’s done.

  4. It looks like a red winged blackbird. I love your paper quilt–so pretty and what is that furry looking plant? it’s a strange one!!

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