LA Days

The last few days we’ve had cloudy skies. It is typical for June. It has even been given the name of “June Gloom.”  Right before the gray skies arrived, we had some beautiful bright ones.  These are some photos towards the end of one of those days. Everything seemed to be glowing.

I had some buttons in different yellow/gold shades that I wanted to do something with, so I sewed them onto a canvas along with a few little metal pieces.

I had also gotten some beautiful vintage buttons at a flea market, and sewed them onto paper.  I need to get a frame so I can display them.

I went downtown last Saturday to participate in the “March for Truth.”

While I was there, I captured some of the city’s details to share with you.

There was some construction going on, so signs directed pedestrians where to go. They are building many new high rise apartments.

Parking is difficult to find downtown, and very expensive.  This lot was only $8.00 for the day.  It can go as high as $20.00.

Street venders.

I love LA. It is a mix of old and new, ethnicities and cultures.  But for those same reasons it is a joy when I have the opportunity to visit other places.

I hope you are enjoying where ever you are at this moment.  Thank you for for stopping by my blog.





11 thoughts on “LA Days

  1. I enjoyed it so much to follow your pictures through LA. Such a nice walk and you always stop and take pictures of places and objects where I would take a stop too. It was such a pleasure to see this all!

  2. A lot of variety on this post. I love the two close up pictures, #2 and 3. The colors and shadows are beautiful. Did you buy any of the food?

  3. Your photos of LA are always very interesting, and several times I astounded my friends and my godchild about what’s going on in their hometown!

  4. so many wonderful photos… my favorite is the one with the vintage Buttons. once i saw such a sampler Card on a flea market, but it was way too expensive!
    NOPE, right!!
    and the glow of the light is really something!
    have a good week 🙂

  5. The light was really amazing that day. Your button canvas looks great and the collection of vintage buttons is wonderful too. Unfortunately, downtown parking can be very expensive in most big cities. It’s hard to avoid though when there is no good public transportation.
    Have a wonderful week, Barbara!

  6. Nice to see the old LA in your photos, but the tree trunk is the stunner. Great buttons and your canvas piece is quite fascinating…like how you used the buttons and metal to create a collage. xox

  7. What fun to see all those sights … loved all the photos you took. The vintage buttons are fascinating and I love how you’ve sewn them onto canvas. Really great photos:)

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