The Nature of Things

There was a bee swarm in a tree in my yard the other day.  I always thought that a swarm meant that they were moving around.  But this one was as big as a basketball, and all the bees were clinging to each other as they hung from the tree. I found out that sometimes as they are migrating, the queen cannot fly as far and needs to stop and rest. All the bees stop with her, and after resting for a day, they fly off.  In this case it was just a few hours, and they were gone.  I wasn’t outside, so I didn’t get to see them all depart.  The tree was in the shade, and the bees were too far up to get a photo, but I found a picture to show you what it looked like.  Nature taking its course.

A couple additional nature photos from mine and my neighbor’s yard.

In keeping with a rose theme, I made some rubbings with colored pencils from a vintage embroidered rose I had. This is in participation with Mullerin Art blog.  First the embroidery.


Here is an appliqué I did a while back. I posted this before, but I couldn’t resist posting it again (since they are roses).

A box cover.

Someone brought this guy to the animal shelter a few days ago when I was volunteering.  It was decided that the Marsh by my house would be a good home for him.  There was a lot less water than the last time I visited, just a short time ago. All the green in the photo was covered with water then.  The geese were gone, but I saw a few ducks to keep him company, gliding through the remaining water.

His feathers were long and very soft brown.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Enjoy your week.


5 thoughts on “The Nature of Things

  1. What a great idea to do rubbings from an embroidered piece. The result looks wonderful, Barbara. I used to do a lot of hand appliqué but that’s a while ago. Your roses are beautiful. Such a bee swarm looks amazing. I’ve never seen that before.
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Julia

  2. i never experienced the coming by of a bee swarm. i think it is an relief to see them flying away nontheless.
    i´m over the moon with the rubbing!! i must try this out with Cloth over Cloth… i have the inktense block Colors, so i could fix them by ironing… it´s just a matter of time, as at the Moment it is so hot here, i can´t even think of ironing or dyeing with boiling water;)
    have a great summer,

  3. The rubbings look great, almost nicer than the embroidery on the tablecloth. But even better I like your applications, wonderful roses!
    Very impressive is also the photo of the bee swarm, you were brave to go there so close!
    Regards – Ulrike

  4. What kind of bird is that? I love your rubbings from the embroidery–what an interesting idea–I never would have thought of doing a rubbing with embroidery!! And the bee swarm must have been something! and I’m glad you gave some info about bee swarms–always good to learn something new!!

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