Each week I stay a few days with my mom to help her. The weather there is much hotter than where I live. The days reach 100 degrees. Although the evenings are still warm, it’s enjoyable to be outside. Here are a few shots taken one evening after the weather cooled down a bit. The tree on the left in the first photo reminds me of a castle.

My mom has some old newspapers from the small town where she was born in Minnesota. They are from 1925.  The illustrations for the advertisements are wonderful. The dresses show the styles of the 1920’s.

Besides needing a fashionable hat, it seems gloves were an essential part of your fashion statement,  the latest style having “cuffs”.

Here is a recent sketch I made while reminiscing on the Camino. I used a vintage music sheet I got at a flea market.

More roses from my mom’s garden.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

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10 thoughts on “Days

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I’ve never seen those old magazine pictures. I love the hats from the 1920’s.
    The sketches look really good over the music sheet. It seems there is always more flowers that you can cut at Mom’s house. I really like the two toned rose. It has a great scent.

  2. The photos have a beautiful atmosphere and the illustrations would be great in collages……
    Thanks for your lovingly comment and a lot of greetings from Green

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely comment as well as for the wonderful idea to use the kilim pattern as a background for a recipe painting 🙂 As you already saw, I really realized this and actually, I have wanted to write to you much earlier to say thank you for that but it’s terribly hot here what makes me somehow forgetful and feel tired and weak. I love your pictures showing the wonderful evening ambiance so much. It’s always such a wonderful pleasure to visit your blog and discover all these lovely surprises like the fantastic historic fashion pictures today. They look amazingly stylish! And your sweet sketches on the music sheet look amazing too!

  4. So much fun to see the old advertisements. I have a book filled with articles and adverts from that era. And I see the castle in that tree too.

    I think I remember you saying you trekked the Camino? Beautiful way to reminisce about it by sketching!

  5. What a fascinating post. So fine your paintings, and these old papers so wonderful. Especially I like the trees and their silhuettes… Have a good time an good days with your mom – Ghislana

  6. i saw your drawings on the Music Sheets and immediately knew it was your camino route… love it!
    yesterday we had 95°F here, way out of my comfort Zone… i better stay inside and go out for a few minutes only to Change the Cloth for sun printing;)
    happy summer,

  7. I love the drawings on the sheet music! I have an old magazine that I bought at a flea market that has those wonderful fashion illustrations in it.

  8. I love your little sketches on the notes so much, they are so cheerful! the old newspaper is really impressive, so pretty dresses and hairstyles!! very good that your mother collected them!
    100 degree – to hot for me!!
    have a good summertime,

  9. Hi Barbara, It is always so fun to read your blog and see your art.
    You have done some wonderful new things and I love them. I’ve been thinking
    about what direction I want my art to move into. Just not sure yet. 🙁
    Loved reading your blog.

  10. Oh Barbara, thanks for those fantastic magazines-fashion pictures, so cool also the hairstyles, everything in the Charlesten style! How good that your mother took care of these, a wonderful treasure!
    … and I also see the wonderful roses again from their garden!
    Fine your drawings on the notes – I always like it when you use the old papers.

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