Here Comes the Sun

I’ve been spending time at my mom’s house. She’s ill and not able to stay alone, so my brother, sister and I take turns staying wth her.  She lives about an hour’s drive from me, in one of the areas that gets the hottest weather.  The past couple weeks it was 110 degrees.  The heat is tolerable when it’s dry, and the evenings are nice for being outside.  But lately there has been a lot of humidity which is not typical.  Very unpleasant. Before my father passed away, he planted many many rose bushes.  The extreme heat fries the blooms, so while I stayed with my mom, I would go out each day and cut the buds to bring in the house.  They would bloom in a couple days.

This next one I held up to a painting of flowers.

My mom is 87 years old, and saves almost everything.  She had hundreds of old recipes from newspapers and magazines.  The old illustrations were fun to look at.

I’m also reading Don Quixote.  I started it years ago, but didn’t get very far. Now I will continue to read until I get to he end of the 1,050 pages.

Among my mom’s very old treasures is this bracelet depicting some of Don Quixote’s adventures.  I love this scene of him charging the windmill.

A setting sun on vintage post cards to link to Mullein Art blog. I made a small stamp for the water.

A sun painting by Vincent Van Gogh. I saw the original many years ago at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.  Everyone in the museum seemed to be humming the song, “Starry Starry Night.”

I got this sun in Mexico. It hangs in my kitchen.

Enjoy your sunny summer days.  Thank you for visiting my blog.


12 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. So sorry to hear about your Mom, but I’m glad she has you and your siblings to be with her. I so enjoyed seeing the vintage items that you culled from your Mom’s collection. My Mom kept everything as well and someday I hope to rummage through her collection.

    I read Don Quijote last year and loved it! I was amazed at how many pages there too!

  2. I love all the roses, especially the ones that are in front of the big colorful
    picture that is on the living room wall. They really blend into each other.
    The old recipes are also really fun to look at!!
    This is a very cheerful blog with the sun theme at the bottom!!

  3. 110 degrees sounds really very hot and I’m so sorry for your mom but I assume it makes her very happy to see the wonderful roses you took from the garden inside. They look breathtaking! Oh and I love these old recipe cards so much! All these vintage illustrations look fantastic! I also love the bracelet showing Don Quixote sceneries as well as the postcards especially with the water stamp! And at least the Mexican Sun is a wonderful treasure! It’s lovely to visit your blog!

  4. wonderful roses… i love the old Advertisings (weighing with high heels, haha)… and you brought me to hum don mclean, too:)
    hope your mom is doing well – the humidity on hot days can be also critical for younger People than her!
    greetings, johanna

  5. Your mother will do well that you can be with her! … and what wonderful treasures of old newspapers she has reserved for you! Here you have to pay a lot of money for old magazines on flea markets. You can be happy to own them!
    This rose splendor is heavenly, so beautiful colors!
    Regards – Ulrike

  6. So nice that you and your siblings are all able to take turns staying with your mother. I bet the rose garden was beautiful before the hot weather!

  7. I’m sorry that your mom is not doing well, Barbara. Hopefully she’ll feel better soon. It’s quite hot here too and sometimes humid. I already look forward to fall. What fun that you found a bracelet with a Don Quixote theme among your mom’s treasures. Enjoy the lovely roses!
    xo Julia

  8. lovely roses, funny illustrations and really beautiful cards! I hope your mother get well soon! I love her collection!
    have a good summer (110 degrees are sooo hot!!)!
    🙂 mano

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