Past and Present

I went to a flea market last Sunday.  It was a warm day, but still fun looking at old stuff.  I like old paper items and found these.

A Nature magazine from 1949.

Some cards and postcards from the early 1900’s.

And an old book of Norwegian sardine recipes.

Here is one of the recipes. (Notice the sardines are arranged like a SUN). My grandmother was from Norway. I remember there always being sardines in the cupboard when I was a child, but the recipes in this book are pretty unusual.

I walked around a neighborhood in San Pedro the other day. There were pretty clouds in the sky, but the air was humid. The homes in this area are old and charming, and many overlook the port.  Ships from around the world dock there.

The next one was driving back home. The port and water are on the other side of these bushes.

A few miscellaneous shots from the week.

A small sketch.

Maggie after her bath.  Although I dried her with my hair dryer, she was still shivering.

Flowers in my neighbor’s yard.

And a very tiny lemon (the size of my thumb nail) that fell off my lemon tree.

That’s all for today.  Enjoy the remainder of our July days.  Thank you for visiting my blog.







6 thoughts on “Past and Present

  1. i won’t comment on every post but I am reading them all and enjoying both your photos so much!! and your sketches too – very nice. Your flower photos are so beautiful and i love the post above when you were at echo park – and your sketches music pages.

  2. Your finds from flea market look great and seem to be real rarities! It makes me curious what stories they could tell if they could talk 🙂 I also enjoyed the virtual walk with you and it was so interesting to see the different houses. There is such a diversity compared to the houses here in Germany. I love your smooth and lightly sketch and the cute picture of your tiny puppy and as well the beautiful flowers in your neighbour’s garden.

  3. I remember that dad always liked sardines. I tried to eat them but
    I didn’t care too much for them. The picture of Maggie wrapped in the blanket
    with just her face showing is really cute. All the houses are really fun to look at
    but I like the one with the pink around the edges. This blog really has
    a lot of variety in it. Very interesting!!

  4. A sardine cookbook. Makes me think of Cannery Row…leave to our Norwegian friends to make one…I shall have to query my Norway friends about sardine cooking…Love front porch on the San Pedro house. xox

  5. great finds at the flea market! and your neighborhood always is worth a stroll… poor maggie shivering, but so cute:) and i love your watercolor sketch.
    have a great time, johanna

  6. You found some fun things, Barbara. I never saw a sardine cookbook before. Will you try one of the recipes? The old homes are lovely and so charming. Your watercolor painting is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    xo Julia

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