Patience, Wisdom, and Other Essentials of Life

Still very hot here in Los Angeles.  Lots of sunshine.  Even as I strolled the air conditioned aisles at Daiso, my favorite Japanese $1.50 store, I was reminded of the sun when I saw these.

So in following the sun theme at Mullein Art blog, I bought these straws to make something creative.

After I cut them up and glued them together, I used one as a stamp. When I finished, I took it outside to photograph it in the natural sunlight that I wake up to each day.

I had stamped it on shiny paper, so I took this next photo under lamp light at night, and got  kind of a sunny glow effect.

Yesterday, still being warm out, my husband and I went to our favorite place for fish, Baja California Fish Tacos.  It is very small, and there are usually more people in line than there are tables with chairs for sitting. But even if you have to stand at the bar, as we did yesterday, it is worth it.

The plate in the front is a shrimp taco, and the one in the back is called ceviche. Ceviche is raw fish with lemon juice.  The lemon juice cooks the fish, and then tomato and red onions are added.  It is wonderful on a hot day, or anytime.

Finally, a photo my friend sent me.  She and I work at the animal shelter together.  She is fostering these four small puppies for a few weeks. Then she will take them back to the shelter to be adopted.

I cannot foster any more animals, because when it’s time to take them back to the shelter, I adopt them myself. And now my house is full. I am a foster failure.

She also sent me this.

So true.  Enjoy each day.



7 thoughts on “Patience, Wisdom, and Other Essentials of Life

  1. It’s so charming to see what you created from the straws, such a lovely and unique idea! And you can’t imagine how much I love the picture of the delicous tacos 😉 I could look at it for hours! It’s as well lovely to see your sweet pets. I assume it’s quite exciting sometimes to have them all around you.

  2. I wish we had a $1.50 Japanese store here!! The fish tacos look good. And a lap full of puppies–what more could you want!! I would say you are a shelter success!!

  3. What a creative way to use straws. I like the way they look in the morning
    sunlight. I also like the way the four dogs are positioned on your friend’s legs.
    The tacos look yummy. I would say that having four animals is actually heroic. They require so much attention, time and care.

  4. what a clever idea you had with the straw suns! very original.
    and the photo with the Dogs is just too cute!!
    have a great week:)

  5. oh, these tacos look so delicious!!!
    you little straw-collage is so jolly and warm as summer, I like it very much!
    and I love the little puppies and I love your personal animal shelter!!
    have a good time with all the dogs and the sweet little cat!
    🙂 mano

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