Last week we experienced some cooler weather, but September’s triple digits have arrived a few days early. I was able to enjoy the outdoors, and noticed the changes in my mom’s yard. One of her neighbor’s has a magnificent grape arbor. Some of the grapes have grown over the wall into my mom’s yard.

In fact, a seed must have blown over as well, because there is a grape vine beginning to grow among my mom’s roses!

Her orange tree is full of oranges, but won’t be ready for picking until next spring.

The roses are still making an appearance, this one with a visitor.

It was even cool enough in the evenings to walk around her neighborhood. It’s interesting to walk through the streets where I used to ride my bike as a child. I found this on the sidewalk. It says 1957, one year before my family moved there. My mom has lived in her house for about 60 years.

The sunshine followed me inside, before it set for the day.

A few days ago I visited a place in LA called Griffith Park. It covers about 4,000 acres of land. It is one of the largest urban parks in North America. There is a huge observatory there to look at the stars. At the entrance is this cut out of Smokey the Bear.  Smokey was in TV commercials when I was little to remind people to be careful with matches when visiting forests and National Parks.

I saw a deer that day also.

I also went to an exhibit at a museum in Pasadena.  If you watch the Rose Parade, they start the parade in front of this museum, and you can see it on TV.  The exhibit was some of the work of the “Blue Four.”

Vasily Kandinsky…

Lionel Feininger…, Alexei Jawlensky, and Paul Klee.

Many years ago I was inspired by the piece above by Feininger, and carved out a scene from a large piece of linoleum. His was carved from wood.

The museum has a beautiful garden with Henry Moore statues throughout. When I saw this one it looked so whimsical. Two people sitting in the sunshine like many of the visitors.

That’s all for now. I hope you are enjoying your days. Thank you as always for visiting my blog.



8 thoughts on “August

  1. I have just enjoyed your beautiful outdoors. It’s lovely to see the grapes growing over to your mom’s garden. And I was impressed by the green oranges and by the long time they still need to ripen. I love it to listen to your childhood thoughts and to watch the pictures of your visit to the park and the exhibition. You have wonderful treasures in your life. Many thanks for sharing them!

  2. I am an admirer of henry moore and I love this statue very much! I saw a wonderful exhibition of his work some years ago and at the louisiana museum in humblebaek near copenhagen there are a large statue with view to the baltic sea – really great!
    near my home we have a lionel-feininger-museum* ((in quedlinburg) and I visited it very often. I think you would like it too. your linocut is really beautiful!
    enjoy your grapes meal!

  3. It’s wonderful to have fruit trees in the garden. We only have grapes which were ripe a few weeks ago. That’s a pretty bug! Such lovely colors. Your carved linoleum scene is fabulous! I do have a cutting set but haven’t tried it yet. I like the sitting couple.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    xo Julia

  4. i would have loved to go to the Museum with you! but then i should not complain, because we often have exhibitions on the blue rider Group here (as some of them lived nearby).
    the Grapes look super, they should be ripe soon! yes, autumn is around the Corner…

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