Simple Pleasures

I walked outside this morning and was hit by a COOL breeze. Ahh, the simple pleasures. It has been extremely hot this past week and very humid.  I glanced up at the sky. Very pretty.

Then I checked out my plants. I found some very tiny yellow mushrooms in one of the pots. Cute little things.

A blob of water sitting in the middle of one of the succulents. It looked like something gooey, but was only water.

A few peppers and tomatoes from the garden.

Last Saturday I went to the Los Angeles County Museum to see an exhibit of an artist named Carlos Almaraz. He is a native of LA, particularly Echo Park, that I visited a couple weeks ago. I showed some photos on my blog of the giant lotus plants at Echo Park Lake.  Alvarez painted a huge piece with three panels of the lake. This is only two of the panels.

Here is his version of “Starry Night” in Los Angeles.

I liked the way the light fell on the chair in this one. It is oil on paper rather than canvas. It was under glass, so the details were difficult to pick up with my iPhone.

After the exhibit my husband and I went to a restaurant across the street. They had murals inside depicting Los Angeles in the 40’s. Again, the quality is lacking due to the lighting and using my phone. It shows Wilshire Blvd, which is one of the main streets going through downtown, and the street the museum is on.

I am still enjoying the cool air coming through my windows.  Don’t know how long it will last, since September has just begun, but it’s a nice break.  Thank you as always for visiting.




10 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I like the water in the succulent plant. Also amazing paintings of Los Angeles by the artist. I love all the colors in the paintings.

  2. Ah, mushrooms in the flower head … I had it also on the balcony next to the sunflower! Beautiful is also the photo with water in the succulent center!
    The painter Almarez has much of the Impressionists …

  3. the clouds seem to have a happy Dance:) it´s quite chilly here, meanwhile, t-shirt time is over. but then, nothing to complain about this summer here.
    i also sometimes find it hard to photograph in exhibitions. but then i do it just for remembering (and often find pics on the web which are better, in case i want them to include in a photo book etc). i never heard of carlos almaraz, but really like his paintings!
    have a nice week, johanna

  4. I enjoyed seeing the art and the vintage mural of LA. Have you ever seen “Mildred Pierce” is a 4 or 5 part miniseries on Amazon or Netflix – don’t remember which one. It took place in Glendale I believe. Anyway it was a remake of an old movie with Joan Crawford but Kate Winslet plays the lead in this one. I’m sitting here right now with cool breezes coming through the window – about 73 right now and we will go down into the 50’s tonight – welcome relief for sure. Enjoyed the photos around your yard – garden, sky.

  5. That is something I too like – to be hit by a cool breeze – it is so refreshing, so natural.
    Like that mural of the 40s. Those old jazzy cars, and probably a cinema house in the background.

  6. It looks like you had a lovely Saturday visiting the exhibition and going out for dinner. Beautiful artwork at the musedum and the restaurant.
    We too enjoy the cooler temperatures very much. It’s so great not to have any ventilators running.
    xo Julia

  7. I love the tiny yellow mushrooms…, and your visit at exhibition, and all your fine pictiures. Here also the whether changed, from warm sunny late summer to colder and windy and rainy autumn. But some sunny days will come 😉 All the best – Ghislana

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