In the last few months I have written on my blog about being at my mom’s house, shared her old recipes, photos of her roses, and walks around the neighborhood where I grew up. I was there to help take care of her as she could no longer stay in her home by herself. Although you did not know her, it seems appropriate to share that she has passed away. It was fortunate for her that she was able to stay in her house that she had lived in for 60 years, and fortunate for me that I had this time with her these last few months.

She grew up in Minnesota, probably the coldest state each winter, so when she and my dad moved to a southern California beach town in the 1950’s she was in paradise. This is a photo of her with my brother at the beach near their apartment at the time. She fit right in, looking like a Hollywood movie star. Those are my cousins in the back.

She would draw pictures with me when I was a child. She was especially good at cartoons.

In her later years, she and my dad loved to ride bicycles, and participated in group bicycling events.

Probably her biggest love was watching the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball games on TV. In general, she loved baseball. Here she is at the National Baseball Museum in New York.

Look for joy in each day.




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  1. Hi Barbara,

    This is a beautiful tribute to your Mother. I am sure she was grateful to you for making it possible for her to be able to stay in her home. That is how my Mom wanted it too. My condolences and hope you are coming along well.

  2. My deepest condolences for losing your mom. I read your post again and again and was very touched by your words and the pictures. She looks beautiful on the pictures and I’m happy for you that you could spend time with her and that you could do all these lovely things you described like walking around in the town where you grew up and share her old recipes and looking after the garden. I wish you power and strength for the forthcoming weeks and I also believe she is somewhere around you.

  3. Oh, I’m very touched by your words and the pics from your mom’s life… And it is so good, that she could end her life at home, with the daughter on her side. I remember my own mother who decided to die and to do it at home…, eight years ago. In these three months all the four children spent time with her. So good, for her, for us. Thank you for this post. Hugs for you… Ghislana

  4. Hi Barb, what great memories you have of your Mom’s life.
    I know how hard and tiring it’s been for you but, also how good it was that you were with her.
    Much love and sorrow to you and to your brother and sister .

  5. it was good you had These past months with her, you will always remember that. i´m Feeling with you and you are right: seek joy in each day. life is limited.

  6. So so hard to lose a mother (although i so believe they still are around)… Glad that you shared pics of her – she looks like she was a “sporty girl” as my 10 year old granddaughter Mackenzie likes to describe herself.

    I lost my mom when I was 35 and so miss not having had her to go to lunch with and share stories of my life. Wonderful you had her in your life for so long and had time to really enjoy her over the last few months. I had that with my dad – he lived with us for a few years before he passed away and those years were great because I learned so much more about him than I had known before we had that time together.

    I really hope for you that these days ahead are a comfort to you when you think of her and all she meant to you.

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss, Barbara. Your mom was a beautiful woman. It’s wonderful that you were able to spend time with her during her last months. My heart goes out to you.
    Sending you a big hug,

  8. What a lovely tribute to your mom! When i saw the photo of her on the beach I thought how much you look like her. It is so nice that you got to spend time with her these past few months.

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