Whew! It’s been really hot here, but cooler weather arrived at last. It was even possible to go outside for a walk. It’s been a while since I have had time, or cool enough weather to do so. There was a very strong feel of autumn in the air today. With autumn, comes Halloween, which will be here in a couple days. Adults dress in costumes and go to parties, and children dress in costumes and knock on their neighbor’s doors for candy. That was an exciting activity as a child. My brother and I would come home from “trick or treating” and dump all our candy from our bags onto the floor. It was as fun to look at all the different kinds as it was to eat it. Here we are in 1956. I don’t know how appropriate these costumes would be now. It seemed that toys and movies in the 1950’s were about cowboys and Indians.

Here’s one with costumes that came with cloth masks. Actually a little bit spooky. In later years, the masks were made of stiff plastic. I remember them being not too comfortable for breathing as we ran from door to door.

I have not had time to think about making art, but I have been going through boxes of old stuff at my mom’s house. Besides the photos, I found many beautiful old seasonal cards. These small Halloween cards are from 1922 and 1923.

The following party invitation is from 1931. My mom was a saver…of everything.

During my walk this evening, I came across this yard decoration for Halloween. It is becoming popular here for people to put up giant inflatable yard decorations for the different holidays.

Inflatable decorations are not my favorite, but I have a real Halloween kitty. Sophie chose not to wear a hat in this photo. I don’t know if I have mentioned that she insists on going for a walk when the dogs go walking. She might think she’s a dog.

In keeping with the autumn theme, here are a couple persimmons from my neighbor’s tree. She usually makes us some delicious persimmon cake, but it’s been too hot to turn on an oven. I’ve always loved how persimmons look. They are so pretty.

Last Sunday I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to set up a space at a flea market. I went with two friends, and between the three of us, we had quite a few things to sell. We have all enjoyed going to thrift stores and flea markets over the years, but it was time to get rid of a lot of things. One person at the flea market had this cute old trailer as part of her display. It was a great way to get people to come over and look at what she was selling.

A couple more images from the past. These people are my great grandparents. (My mom’s grandparents). The photos show them on their wedding day in 1893 and again, 50 years later on their 50th wedding anniversary. They moved to the United States from Norway, and started their family here.

During the hot weather, there was a hummingbird that came and sat on a bush outside my window for several days, at the same time each day. It’s so rare to see a hummingbird sit. This photo was taken through the window screen.

That’s all for now. I hope you are well, and enjoying your days.




7 thoughts on “Treats

  1. Again such beautiful pictures you show! How beautiful the wedding photo of your grandparents … I also have such a picture of my grandmother and grandpa, who have married something at the same time.
    And I like the photo of your cat looking straight at the camera!

  2. how nice are These vintage Cards and photos! and to have a photo of your grandparents wedding… (june 27th is my birtday:))
    i love persimmons, or Kaki – as called here.
    and what a beautiful Photo of Sophie:) a Special cat really!
    happy Halloween!!!

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Loved your Halloween blog :} You are so lucky to have all these wonderful
    photos and cards from your Mom. They are just Beautiful.
    My daughter too has a kitty that likes to walk around the neighborhood. He has a little harness he wears.
    Have a great week. Love your blog

  4. I’m so sorry, I was in holidays when you wrote your last post about the dead of your mother. my deepest sympathy on the passing of her. I think you have a hard time, but it’s good to have so many memories of her.
    love the picture of you and your brother as cowboy and indian!

  5. These are cute pictures of you and your brother. It’s wonderful that your mom kept those old Halloween cards. What a treasure. I hope you had a good day at the flea market and sold a lot of your items. Sophie is a very sweet girl. How cute that she goes for a walk too.

  6. You write the best posts – filled with info and memories and what u are working on – and your neighborhood, etc. I really enjoyed catching up with you and seeing the old photos – I’ve been going through a lot of them lately and I know there is one for sure from my young days dressed up for halloween but I haven’t run across it again. Anyway glad the temps are cooler – It has been really nice in the mountains, 70’s during the day and chilly at night. We have to go down the mountain today so I’m hoping the heat has broken down there.

  7. Nice to see a post from you–I haven’t seen one in such a long time. They are always so interesting! I love the photo of your cat! and there are treasures to be found among your mothers things!!

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