Museum Day

I recently visited the Japanese American Museum here in Los Angeles. They were having an exhibit of Japanese artists who were born, raised, or living in Mexico City, Brazil, Peru and Latin American neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A mix of styles, and all excellent.

Starting with this piece that filled the entry way of the museum. It looked like string, but examining it closer, it was fuzzy like yarn. The sun coming through the window perfectly enhanced the gaps in its construction.

This next artist uses old wood that he finds, and dried plants in his work. Here he painted on a thin piece of tree bark.

On the next artist’s work, I noticed that the mark making was actually tiny words when I got up very close. It reminded me of some of Mano’s mark making she has shown on her blog, mano’s welt.

I could not capture the wonder of this next piece with my camera. There were hundreds of small hanging containers with fabric flowers inside to represent cherry blossom trees.

This last artist is actually a tattoo artist as well. Her drawings are so realistic, people come to her with a photo of someone and she creates a tattoo from the photo. The work shown in this first piece is pencil and spray paint on wood. The second is colored pencil and spray paint on paper.

My last photo is something I came across on my walk today. A seed pod from a tree and some paint someone sprayed on the sidewalk. A small spontaneous collaboration of nature and man.

Have a good week. Thank you very much for checking out my blog.




8 thoughts on “Museum Day

  1. How lovely to share the visit to the museum! It’s great for me to see the exhibition across the world in such a far place. I had so much pleasure to follow you through the exhibition. My favourites are the second picture, the third, the sixth and the seventh. And I also love your seed pod! Have a nice week!

  2. I hadn’t looked at your blog for a long time. Such a variety of things
    I like Toni’s tin boxes. All the nature photos are very beautiful.
    It’s always fun looking at your blog.

  3. thank you for visiting this beautiful exhibition und share your pictures with us. I think it was a great pleasure to see so wonderful pieces!
    your last photo is wonderful!
    🙂 mano

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the museum photos – I really really enjoyed them. Love the seed pod also. I so want to visit some museums in LA but the traffic issue always keeps me (or rather my husband) from wanting to drive in. There seems to never be a time anymore where the 10 or the 210 freeway isn’t a mess.

  5. You are so fortunate to have so many museums and galleries to go to! I think that seed pod is from a magnolia tree. When we lived in Texas I was always fascinated by the bright red seeds that were in the pod

  6. i would LOVE visiting this Museum, so different and a lot of interesting artwork! thanks for sharing, so at least i can see it through your lens:)
    have a great week!

  7. Oh, what an interisting post about that exhibition. Thank you very much for presenting these pics of the works of these special artists. I remember our holidays in Japan in March, when we saw some of the cherry blossoms yet… Love your last pic, you found outside. So much beauty to find by going whith a special way of looking… Have a good time – Ghislana

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