Yellows, Oranges, and Blue…Skies

Beautiful weather. A shining sun in a bright blue sky. These first two photos were taken In Long Beach, about 25 minutes from my house.

Yellows and oranges falling from trees, or still clinging, waiting for the right time to let go.

The oranges are at my mom’s house. I’ve had to go there a lot to put things in boxes to donate. A Refugee Resettlement group is going to take the furniture. There were only a few remaining roses. I brought them home along with some clippings of the stems to reroot. Hopefully they will survive, and I will have rose bushes to plant in my yard.

I couldn’t resist taking these colorful photos of some glassware from my mom’s.

This is an old Argus camera I used when I was eleven years old, I found it tucked away in a closet at my mom’s. You have to look through the top of the camera to see what you are taking a photo of. I’m going to research, to see if I can get film and try using it again.

Here is a photo I took with it in 1964, when my family went on a camping trip. The car is an old Ford Falcon.

When I was in college, I bought a book called “Diary of a Century,” with fantastic photos by Jacques Henri Lartigue. Many were taken when he was a child, starting in 1901. Even that long ago, and being so young, he was able to capture people in motion with his camera. Check out his work, if you haven’t already.

The next two photos are the artwork of my friend Toni. She used small tin boxes for these collages. The second one is from the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web.”  I love them.

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6 thoughts on “Yellows, Oranges, and Blue…Skies

  1. Very interesting post and I love seeing some of your mom’s treasures throughout her life. I like all those glass bottles. The roses looks so pretty and I hope they root. What a cool camera – i hope you can use it again. Seeing those tin boxes – I realized I have been throwing away Altoid tins for a long time. Her tin art is very nice.
    I realized on my last post after I posted it that we have considered taking the train in for the day . My husband use to commute to LA for years first in a carpool and then on the train. This is a reminder to look into it and just do it!

  2. Oh, when I saw the first pictures I envied you so much for the wonderful weather you have in the place where you live! With regard to the roses I keep my fingers crossed for you that they will take root in your garden too. It would be such a lovely memento of your mom. And I fell in love with the old fashioned glassware immediately. So many beautiful treasures and memories you currently have to deal with as also the wonderful camera!

  3. what a wonderful post with delicate oranges, lovely boxes, gorgeous glassware, a wonderful camera (what a treasure!!) and so beautiful roses. I hope the roses will grow on in your garden und will be a fabulous memory of your mother.
    🙂 mano

  4. it would be great if you could reroot the roses and have this Memory of your mom´s garden. and i wish you good luck with finding the camera Accessoires you Need for this old Beauty (which of course is a decoration for its own).

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