Just a few things to share as 2017 is nearing an end. ┬áThe strong winds blew a lot of the oranges down from my mom’s orange tree. Usually, they are not fully ripe until March, but I think the unusually warm weather has the trees and plants confused. I didn’t want them to go to waste so I collected them and made some orange juice. Wow, delicious!

To continue the orange theme, and show how the plants are confused, I encountered this on one of my walks.

Among all the the things my mom saved over the years, there were some vintage Christmas items. This first one is a photo of two of my cousins taken in 1950. The Santa looks a little creepy. I’m trying to decide if it’s a real reindeer. It’s possible because they were living in Minnesota.

When I was a very young child, milk was delivered to everyone’s home, in glass bottles! This is a card from our milkman at the time. Early 50’s.

The Christmas card below is from 1931. I love the illustrations.

This next one is made with gold foil. The tiny mail box opens up and has a Christmas greeting.

This last one is transparent plastic. Again the tiny bell folds up with a greeting inside.

When I went to the Folk Art Museum recently, I checked out the Museum store. They always have the most wonderful things at museum stores, although expensive. I treated myself to a book intended for children. I wish I had thought of the idea for the book myself. It’s called They All Saw A Cat. It shows how different animals saw a cat walk by, but each one saw something totally different due to their Perspective. The art captured this idea perfectly.

Below is one example of what the fish in a fishbowl saw.

What a great concept to introduce to children, and a great reminder to adults.

Have a lovely Christmas, and thank you all for visiting.


7 thoughts on “December

  1. The plants have been confused up here in the PNW too. I still seeing flowering bushes.

    That is such a cool book you picked up and I love how it’s told from differing perspectives through illustration.

    I’m just catching up on your blog today. Your tortie kitty is adorable. I had a sortie named Gypsy who would walk the dogs with us too.

    wishing you well.

  2. Roses in winter! Oh, and you’re good, you can squeeze your own oranges, I love fresh orange juice. But the fruits already look really ripe … Great are the collected cards of your mother, so fantastic is the photo with your cousins and the reindeer.
    Thank you for your always nice comments!
    Now I wish you a wonderful Christmas!
    Regards Ulrike

  3. We don’t have the fragrance of oranges in the mountains. I remember last January going down to REdlands and the citrus smell was in the air. When we moved to Covina in 1960 when I was a kid my parents bought a new house in a tract that had been an orange grove and they left several trees on each property. Seeing your post today reminded me of that. Loved the vintage cards – how nice to see those. I hope you have a great Christmas.

  4. Hi Barbara, Just catching up on your blog. I love all your Mom’s collections.
    Love the cards and the card from the milk man. Do you remember the chocolate
    milk in the tiny glass bottles for kids. I wish I still had one.
    I have to tell you we have a little wren that keeps coming to the door of our house.
    He has gotten in a few times. One day he came in looked around and went out.
    Hahahaha I guess it wasn’t what he was looking for. We have named him Christopher.
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  5. I love the flavor of oranges and there are so many baking goods and dishes you can use them for, like orange pound cake or bundt cake, scones, sweet rolls, orange chicken, Marmelade, and many more. It’s wonderful that you can harvest oranges from your Mom’s tree, knowing that they’re not waxed and probably not have been sprayed with any chemicals.
    I like the idea of that cat book. What a fun approach to show cats from other animal’s perspectives.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Barbara!
    xo Julia

  6. These are wonderful vintage Memory pieces your mum saved… and you are privileged to harvest your own oranges!
    have a merry Christmas week ahead. xox

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