Strolling in the Sunshine

One of the administrative headquarters of Paramhansa Yogananda is located in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles. It is one of the older areas of LA, where the houses were built on hillsides. At that time, there were no roads for access, only historic stairs, that still exist. The large administrative building was originally built as a hotel in 1909, and people needed to use a cable car to get to it. Yogananda bought it in 1925 to use as a school. It is now referred to as The Self Realization Fellowship Center. There is another Center in Malibu.

The grounds are open to the public to walk around and enjoy the peacefulness and quiet. That’s what I did yesterday with a friend. I was in need of some peacefulness and quiet, so it was perfect. I took some photos to share. It was another warm beautiful sunny day.

The following two photos were images on some large planters.

The next two photos show one of the old beautiful houses and streets in the residential area around the Center.

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7 thoughts on “Strolling in the Sunshine

  1. I have known about both of these places but have never gotten to see them. I’m so glad to see some photos. It looks like a great place to hang around but even more I would love to walk through the neighbohoods of those older houses. I’ve been to the Zen Center in Mt. Baldy several years ago – it is an area I believe Leonard Cohen where Leonard Cohen spent several years and was ordained as a buddhist monk. There is info if you google it- very interesting. I know I took photos one time of the outside but have no clue where they might be. I had a computer crash about 3 times in the last 12 years and would lose my pics – i finally learned to save them to an external drive and to upload them to google – that will never happen again!! I even lost photos when I got to visit Manhattan for three days in the mid 2000′ – i was SO upset about that.

  2. We could all do with a day(or 2 or 3 or even more!!) away from the maddening crowd!! Looks like a lovely place. Namaste

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