Blue, Gray, Back to Blue

We finally got two days of rain. But even during those two days it was sporadic, stopping and starting. While I was driving in the car on the first day, it was pouring. I was STOPPED at a red light when I took this photo.

In between the rain stopping and starting, I took the dogs out for a walk.

The neighbors grass was so green, and their vegetable garden was soaking up the water.

Then I saw this.

But today we were back to beautiful and very warm sunshine. I was out near my mom’s house. Some of the buildings had shimmering reflections. The giant horse was outside of a restaurant.

I stopped at my mom’s to help my sister trim all the rose bushes. She and her family are still living there after being evacuated from their house due to one of the huge fires we had here. Their house had a lot of smoke damage and needs some repair.  As we trimmed, there were still a few roses blooming that I brought home, along with  oranges from the tree.

Here are a few more collages from vintage papers. The first one incorporates some images from small books about places around the world that I had as a child.

This next one has some images from a stamp I made.

And this last one has pages from a child’s school autograph book from 1927. It belonged to my mom’s aunt.

Enjoy your week. Thank you for visiting my blog.










7 thoughts on “Blue, Gray, Back to Blue

  1. I’m really delighted by your vintage collages. They look so sweet! And the photo you took at the traffic light while it was pouring looks great too. And all the other photo-impressions are wonderful. One day I’m going to visit your town and I will definitely do it in winter to escape the icy weather in Germany. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. In the last few weeks, there’s been so much to do in real life. But your beautiful posts are such a lovely distraction now.

  2. You are envious of the warmth and the mostly blue sky! That would be perfect for me!
    You can still look forward to rain… here it is usually much too wet, especially in the far too long winter.
    But I really like your photo in the car!
    Greetings from Ulrike

  3. wonderful rainbow, beautiful roses and fruits and so lovely collages!!
    here we have so much rain and so many grey days! but today we had some snow – it looks lovely, but i don’t think that it didn’t stay at the ground.
    good luck for your sister and her familiy!!
    🙂 mano

  4. Rainbows are always fascinating, aren’t they? Good thing that your sister and her family can stay at your mom’s house until theirs is repaired. The wildfire came really close. That must have been a scary experience. We had a lot of wildfires in Europe too last summer. We saw a few from our home and I was always happy that there was the highway in the way.
    It looks like you have fun playing with the vintage images. Your collages are lovely.
    Have a great week too!

  5. I love the collages you are making! And you are so lucky to be able to just pluck oranges off a tree! Are you marching on Saturday?

  6. everything is so Grey here (rain and heavy storms), so it is a pleasure to see some vivid Colors her! and i like the collages, esp the second one with the birds!

    (Barbara, just in case you want to avoid the Long free space at the end of a post…
    i click at the end of the last word and then press the key “entfernen” at my block at the right. i know your Keyboard should be different from the german ones… but you could try it with the “delete” or “backspace” key…)

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