Bright Shiny Day

There is a hexagon theme at Mullerin Art blog this month. I used a vintage map of the United States to make something to contribute.

The next photo shows some hexagons in nature. Many many years ago I visited Ireland and saw Giant’s Causeway. It has huge natural rock formations that are hexagon in shape.

I went downtown for the Women’s March last Saturday. My focus was impeachment, hoping that Congress would notice how many people want change. But if Congress continues to look the other way, there is still hope. This was a sign I saw at the march.

It was a bright shiny day, but very cold. A lot of children found these water fountains irresistible though, cold weather or not. Shoes came off, and the games began.

The fountains are in a large park in the middle of downtown. The park stretches many blocks and ends in front of City Hall.

A few of the sights as we walked. Some of the old buildings downtown.

Lots of new construction going on.

Probably the most important message today…

I happened to look down, and liked the pattern in this grate. You can see a little bit of my foot and jacket. I didn’t want to stop too long, and was rushing to take the photo.

On the way home my son and I stopped at one of our favorite places to eat near downtown.

I ordered a shrimp taco, shrimp enchilada and refried beans. It was muy delicioso.

A couple neighborhood photos from the last few days. A neighborhood park, and a setting sun through one of my trees.

I recently saw a movie called “The Darkest Hour.” It covered the period of time right after Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of England. It was especially inspirational right now, when we are looking to our leaders to demonstrate integrity, compassion, and intelligence. I found this quote from Winston Churchill:

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy and hope.”

Enjoy your week. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.








6 thoughts on “Bright Shiny Day

  1. love your Hexagon Play with the map pieces alternating with free Areas.
    and good to see that there still is protest on the streets… i can´t believe it´s one year of this presidency already. i never thought he would make it that Long.

  2. wow, love seeing photos of LA since I rarely get there – haven’t in years other than to pass it by while on a freeway. And your hexagonal piece – very nice!! We have an area like the water fountain place in LA where the kids are playing in an area called Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga – my grandkids loved to place there when they were little.

  3. Love that Mueller sign! I hope he is going to save us because it is obvious that Congress will not. We have to win big in 2018 to get enough Democrats to be able to impeach-I think they need a 2/3 vote to do it. Glad you had a sunny day–The dinner you had looks yummy!

  4. your hexagon-collage is really great, I love the connection between white and map-hexies. .
    super that you are a member of woman’s march! I keep my fingers crossed that the the impeachment will succeed!!
    🙂 mano

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