I made a quick trip to San Pedro, about 20 minutes from my house. I have a few photos overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The second one shows Pacific Coast Highway, which you can drive north for about 655 miles and takes you up past San Francisco.

A saw these two people playing basketball. A beautiful day and a beautiful place to play, looking out at the ocean.

This next one is also San Pedro. A friend participates in planting this garden in an open space between businesses. People can take what they need and leave a donation.

I have a couple more collages to share. This car was an advertisement in a magazine from the 1940’s.

A few more observations from my yard. My neighbor’s guava tree is full of guavas right now. The squirrels enjoy taking a couple bites from the fruit, and then leaving the rest uneaten.

I took this next photo looking out onto the yard from the window of my little art studio. If you look closely, you can see Maggie (white, in front) and Lucy (black, behind), running after a squirrel. The squirrels run along the top of the wall, and the dogs chase them from the ground.

Here is one of the first lemons on a tree I planted sometime last summer. The tree is growing upwards very slowly, so I was surprised to see a couple lemons on this very short tree. You can see how close the branches are to the ground.

And finally, some planters I made a few years ago from cement, perlite and peat moss. If you make them large enough, they can resemble the troughs used for farm animals to eat out of.

Usually when I go out for a walk, I go about two miles. I’ve been wanting to increase that, and so today, (after being housebound for a couple weeks), I walked four and a half miles. I was very pleased. It’s fun to just walk with no purpose in mind. Often I just don’t take the time to do it. But now is the time, because the weather is is so agreeable. I just need to get myself out the door.

Enjoy your week. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.





8 thoughts on “Outdoors

  1. wonderful pictures! you must be lucky to live near the pacific ocean! wonderful landscape and fabulous wheather!!
    happy new year!!

  2. Nice collage work, great imagery. I adore those gardens that pop up literally between buildings on vacant lots. Such a wonderful green use of an otherwise ugly space. xox

  3. Your beautiful pictures have awakened a certain longing … I wish I could be there looking over the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the fresh air and the sun. The open garden is such a lovely idea and I love these pictures too as well as your fantastic vintage collages. The view from the windows of your studio is stunning and I also love all the plants. Enjoy your week too and Happy New Year!

  4. That’s an amazing place to play basketball. I’d be distracted by the view and wouldn’t score. Oh well, I guess I’d miss everywhere else as well, at least most of the time, lol.
    It’s great that you now have lemons growing in your garden. I love citrus fruits and made lemon honey chicken just a few days ago.

  5. Dear Barbara, first of all I wish you a very happy new year.
    It’s a really beautiful place where you live, and I wish I had such a look out of my window and such a great weather here in Germany now.
    My friends who live in Woodland Hills told me about these gardens between the business places – a phantastic idea!
    Best wishes

  6. it´s incredible what´s going on garden-wise in your area… i never saw guava trees before. love the red blossom tree in your garden, would lift my mind up…
    i really like the collages you do, esp as you always include mailart elements, which are my favorite ephemera!
    have a great week:)

  7. Love all the photos and you make me wistful for the days i had beautiful weather down the mountain and could plant a garden appropriate for the weather. I’ve been thinking about leaving the mountains and moving somewhere where i can have more level walking and room and weather to grow a garden. Just in the thinking stages right now. Must be nice to live so close to the ocean. With traffic anymore it would take at least an hour and half or more to get to the beach if it was a normal heavy traffic day, ..and in really bad traffic probably 2 plus hours easily.

  8. Enjoy the new year! I love your fine pics, from the pazific ocean, I’ve never seen original, from this nice open garden, and from your collages and the garden ;-). And yes, walking ist very fine, just there where your feet want to go… Best wishes Ghislana

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