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A takeaway from a trip to Blick Art Supply Store in Santa Monica. This was on the outside of their building.

The reason for the art store trip was the new Printmaking class I started. It’s in some old buildings in San Pedro that were used by the Navy during WWII. They are the perfect place for art studios, old and funky.

Some examples done by the teacher. Next week I’ll get some photos of the outside, and hopefully something I’ve made.

After the class I drove beyond downtown to meet with a friend. We went for a short visit to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. It is huge, and we didn’t have time to see all of it. I’ll be going back. It’s a place I’ve gone to many times in the past, but they’ve renovated it a lot recently.

In my own garden, some annual bulbs have blossomed. They always amaze me, because each tiny blossom has a tiny green dot on each petal.

A friend and I have started to send each other actual mail art that we create. In this decorated envelope I received from her, she included a stash of ephemera for me.

And finally, my sweet Sophie.

With all of the negative news that heightens anxiety, there are a few constants that soothe my soul. They are nature, art, and animals. I’ve also been re-reading Alan Watts recently. I found this quote regarding nature by Henry David Thoreau.

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.”

Enjoy your week. Thank you for visiting my blog.


5 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. It’s so nice to read your beautiful posts as there is always something interesting to see. The building where your art class takes place looks great and I also love the gardens in Pasadena. The cacti are enormously impressive and the mailart project is such a sweet idea and is sure to be fun and all the beauty you share fits perfectly with the saying.

  2. first off – i would LOVE to go to a class like that in printmaking! And I love the photos you posted of the building, and then the gardens . I haven’t been in a few years but I still cherish my desert and succulant photos I took there. I really enjoy your posts. I love the idea of you exchanging real mail. After my mom died my dad and I exchanged letters, several a week and he usually would illustrate something on the outside of the envelope or within his letters. I still have all of them and cherish them so much.

  3. I always love reading your posts-all the tidbits of your days-the printmaking class looks great. My grandfather was a lithographer and printmaker and one of the founding members of the Prairie Printmakers group. His name was Coy A Seward. check out his work.

  4. just LOVE this mural painting… and would have enjoyed a trip to huntington gardens!
    and you found a good Quote for These days! (and i wonder how good it might be to take everything with the relaxed mood of a cat, like on the last photo…)

  5. lucky you having so wonderful rooms for your art class!
    what a exotic garden (for me its very outlandisch!). these cacti!!!
    enjoy your mail art project!!
    🙂 mano

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