Moving Into March

I went to a contemporary clay exhibit at one of my favorite places, the Folk Art Museum here in LA.  Many of the pieces were clay used as wall hangings like the one below.

A flower tree made of clay.

The next two were part of a series of pots with very thick glaze that appeared to be dripping down the sides.

Some melting pots coming down the stairs.

I also went to my favorite place that sells food products from Spain, called La Espanola.

Part of the chocolate section (below).

While I was there, I bought some wine from the Rioja region of Spain. I tasted some very good wine when I walked through that region during my Camino adventure.

In my walks through my neighborhood this past week, I found some pretty shadows from the sun in the late afternoons.

And flowers.

This week in class, I practiced with an intaglio image. I scratched into a piece of acrylic, inked it, then wiped off the excess ink. I tried a few different versions.

Thank you fro visiting. Enjoy your week.




7 thoughts on “Moving Into March

  1. Do you ever plan on doing the Camino again – or another long and far away adventure? I always enjoy seeing what you see on your walks and what you are doing with your art.

  2. You have good taste, Spanish red wines are always very good, I also like them!
    Oh, I really like the black pot with the bright colors on the outside. This is certainly easy to work with acrylic paints…
    Regards Ulrike

  3. Funny ideas and wonderful photos. I hope you enjoyed the Spanish food. Your sketches look interesting.
    a big hug from New Zealand to California!

  4. i love the pots with the dripping glaze, really great work! I never tried intaglio, but yours look very interesting, the blue and yellow piece is very nice.
    have a good time with spanish chololate and wine ;)!
    🙂 mano

  5. your blue Version of Intaglio turned out great! this flower tree – you wouldn´t think it is clay! thanks for another interesting art journey.

  6. I like the colorful clay pots, especially the second one. The flower tree is pretty cool too. You’re lucky to have so many opportunities to visit exhibits.
    That’s an interesting technique you tried. The blue and yellow version is my favorite.
    Enjoy the wine! I like Rioja wines too.

  7. Nice intaglio image work. Lovely garden space with all that cooling shade. The heavy glazed pottery reminded me of the acrylic pour craze in painting, not my think I must admit.

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