Photography 101

I went on another stair walk today.  There weren’t too many stairs on this one.  But the ones there were, are considered Echo Park’s most elegant set of stairs according to the author of the book “Secret Stairs.”  I’ve got some photos to share, but due to a fingerprint on the lens, there is a big blur on what would have otherwise been some crystal clear shots.  I was extremely disappointed, but decided to use them blur and all.  Lesson to be learned: watch out for fingers on the lens.


My husband is waiting patiently in the corner of the picture above while I aim and shoot.  He is a professional photographer, so when he’s not working he doesn’t enjoy picture taking.  He’s the one who confirmed I had put my finger on the lens when I asked him why each picture had a big blur.

When we got to the top of the stairs, there were these two rows of very tall palm trees, some of them 80 to 90 feet tall.


You can see how clear it would have been due to the sunny fall day we had today.  The walk took us to an area above Dodger Stadium. Lots of native California vegetation.


Towards the end of the walk, we came across an apartment building built in the 1920’s.


The days have been sunny but not hot.  We need rain since we haven’t had much in the last couple years.  But when it does come, being that southern Californians are spoiled by sun, we’ll complain if it lasts more than a couple days.


“Pictures must not be too picturesque.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Go walking and take some pictures.  (but note where you place your fingers).






LA in the Days of Laurel and Hardy

One of my favorite and inspirational things to do in Los Angeles is visit old neighborhoods via the old historic staircases.  In the areas where they exist, the houses are built on hillsides.  Before streets were put in, the staircases were the only way to navigate the hills.  One of them was used in the 1932 movie “The Music Box” with Laurel and Hardy.  They had to take a piano up one of these staircases.  When you do one of the walks, you hike up maybe 100 stairs and then walk a short (or long) distance down the street between all the houses.  Then you come to another set of stairs, and you hike up those etc.  Today my husband and I walked/hiked in the Mt. Washington area of LA.  We get the stair sites from a book called “Secret Stairs” by Charles Fleming.  The book gives you directions to follow as you walk along, and some history of the area or houses you’re passing.  The walk today was about three miles, took about two hours and had a total of 466 steps (combination from all the various stairs).  We did one stair walk that had 990 steps!

I love it because you can see older neighborhoods that you would probably never come across.  Some of the areas are wealthy with beautiful houses built on hillsides.  Other areas are old and charming and make you think of an earlier time in LA.  There is always a lot of nature. You walk past all kinds of trees and growing things, which is part of the big appeal to me.

The starting point today.


Interesting mosaic.


One of the meditation and teaching centers of the Self- Realization Fellowship is located  in the Mt. Washington area.


View of the East part of LA in the distance.


One of the staircases.  Follow it up to the top of the picture.


A tiny door.



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