Mixing it Up

I like paint, paper, canvas, fabric and sewing by hand.  And sometimes I like to mix them up together.  Here, I collected leaves from my yard to use as stamps and then added hand stitching.






The bright colors in a book titled “Living in Morrocco” by Lisl Dennis and Landt Dennis inspired me to make a stencil for a row of pitchers embellished with gold thread.




While browsing through the fabric at a local store, I was drawn to designs that resembled water color paintings.  I bought some and cut it into strips.  Then I got out my water colors, painted on paper, cut more strips, and sewed them all together.



Sometimes I don’t like a painting when I’m finished with it, so I cut it up and save the small sections that I like.  Recently I put some of those together in a collage.  It’s like using up your scraps of fabric for a quilt.




One of the most incredible mixed media art exhibits I’ve ever seen was the work of El Anatsui Gawu at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.  Pieces of recycled aluminum from the tops of beverage bottles were sewn together in a pattern using copper wire.  The finished work covered an entire wall (a huge wall) and hung draped like a massive piece of cloth.  It was jaw droppingly beautiful.



You can be creative using anything around you, whatever your environment provides.  Just play and have fun.


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