A Visit to Duluth

My husband and I visited my aunt and cousins in Minnesota for a few days this past week. They live near the capital, Minneapolis, and are not far from the city of Duluth, the birthplace of my parents. It is also the birthplace of Bob Dylan. They took us on a driving tour of Duluth, and showed us houses where my parents lived, and schools they attended.

Duluth was built along the shores and on the hills overlooking Lake Superior. It is the largest of the five Great Lakes between the United States and Canada. Here is a photo showing a large ice sheet on the lake.

One night we stayed in a hotel next to the Lake. There was a bridge that lifts up to let ships through when the ice is gone.

One area along the lake had a sand beach. The water along the shore was still frozen. It looked amazing.

A cute street near the hotel.

This was one of the houses my mom grew up in. Many of the houses in this area had remained the same after all these years.

Minnesota has many many many birch trees.

We drove further north from Duluth to a State Park. Although the days were gorgeous and sunny, the temperatures were still too cold for all the snow to melt. My husband and I loved seeing the snow in the front yards of houses and along the streets. Snow can only be found in the mountains in Southern California. At the State Park we saw a frozen waterfall.

We stayed a couple nights at my aunt’s in a town called White Bear Lake. The lake (below) was still frozen as well.

The town was charming.

Another night we stayed at my cousin’s house. A little bit beyond her back yard is a pond. All was frozen, but her dogs loved playing in the snow.

After dinner at another cousin’s house, we had these brownies for dessert. My mom used the same recipe when I was growing up. What makes them unique is that the frosting is fudge, since fudge is usually made as a separate dessert at Christmas.

I had only been to Minnesota once before. I was twelve years old. It was very special to experience it as an adult, after so many years.

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