Strolling and Exploring

Sketch for Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary Blog. My son had put a pepper in a green bowl on the kitchen counter, and when I walked in, the colors were so beautiful together.  The photo I took is at the end of the post.


It rained last Sunday night. When I set out on a walk the next morning, fluffy clouds were still wafting across the blue sky, covering and uncovering the sun. I came to a small park.


Most people were already at work or school. I became aware of the silence as I walked. My destination was a large park. It has a trail specifically for walking, and a few people were already out for a stroll when I arrived. The large green grassy areas that are usually filled with picnicing families, were empty. There was a cool breeze to top off the serenity, along with an official welcome to the park.


Too cute.  This little guy and his friends were greeting everyone as they walked by.

Next to the park is a mini railroad track with real steam engines that adults and children can ride.  Each person sits on an individual little engine. Here’s the track through a fence, since it wasn’t open at the time.


Thursday I drove to another older section of LA called Echo Park.  This street was so steep, I was too afraid to drive down.  My iphone photo doesn’t really show how steep, but the top of the street in the background is what it looked like from where I was standing.  Like going over a waterfall.


Echo Park is one of the areas that has some of the old historical stairs.  I found one so I stopped and walked up, and down. 198 steps.  I need to go back with my stair walk guidebook to find more.


Photo as promised.


“You can judge how advanced a civilization is by the way it treats its animals.”  Mahatma Gandhi

I read an article recently about the dog meat trade in China and South Korea.  I’m hoping to find ways to bring awareness in hopes of bringing change.  Check into it if you are inclined, I welcome your thoughts.

Have a compassionate week.




Photography 101

I went on another stair walk today.  There weren’t too many stairs on this one.  But the ones there were, are considered Echo Park’s most elegant set of stairs according to the author of the book “Secret Stairs.”  I’ve got some photos to share, but due to a fingerprint on the lens, there is a big blur on what would have otherwise been some crystal clear shots.  I was extremely disappointed, but decided to use them blur and all.  Lesson to be learned: watch out for fingers on the lens.


My husband is waiting patiently in the corner of the picture above while I aim and shoot.  He is a professional photographer, so when he’s not working he doesn’t enjoy picture taking.  He’s the one who confirmed I had put my finger on the lens when I asked him why each picture had a big blur.

When we got to the top of the stairs, there were these two rows of very tall palm trees, some of them 80 to 90 feet tall.


You can see how clear it would have been due to the sunny fall day we had today.  The walk took us to an area above Dodger Stadium. Lots of native California vegetation.


Towards the end of the walk, we came across an apartment building built in the 1920’s.


The days have been sunny but not hot.  We need rain since we haven’t had much in the last couple years.  But when it does come, being that southern Californians are spoiled by sun, we’ll complain if it lasts more than a couple days.


“Pictures must not be too picturesque.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Go walking and take some pictures.  (but note where you place your fingers).