Art Day

There is a lot of building and renovation happening in downtown Los Angeles. One area that is changing is called the Arts District. Many large and very old industrial buildings have been converted into apartments, a museum, and a brewery.

Last week my husband, some friends, and I, saw the work of Geta Bratescu, a 92 year old Romanian Conceptualist at a museum called Hauser and Wirth.

There was another artist named Mark Bradford whose work was also being exhibited. He had used many layers of collaged paper and paint. Then he made lines by scraping off the layers.

After leaving this building we continued walking, and found another gallery to visit. There we saw work by an artist named Alexandre Farto. His pieces were also very large. They looked like collage, but getting closer, you could see that there were two layers of paper, and he had cut out millions of tiny pieces from the top layer.

Again, collage and paper cutting.

This same artist had taken old doors, and CUT into them to make these faces.

Back out on the street, I saw this on the sidewalk,

and these tires wrapped around a pole. If you look closely, you can see a face made from the tires.

We continued our walk to the brewery. Breweries are becoming very popular throughout the United States. The beer is made on site, and people can get small glasses to taste different kinds.

We bought the tortilla chips and guacamole (in the photo above) from a food truck. In Los Angeles, Food Trucks are  very popular. Each truck makes one kind of specialty food. They drive the trucks to different locations during the week. The brewery had a Taco truck parked outside. Mexican food, especially tacos, is also extremely popular in Los Angeles.

Enjoy your week, and thank you for visiting my blog.