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A takeaway from a trip to Blick Art Supply Store in Santa Monica. This was on the outside of their building.

The reason for the art store trip was the new Printmaking class I started. It’s in some old buildings in San Pedro that were used by the Navy during WWII. They are the perfect place for art studios, old and funky.

Some examples done by the teacher. Next week I’ll get some photos of the outside, and hopefully something I’ve made.

After the class I drove beyond downtown to meet with a friend. We went for a short visit to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. It is huge, and we didn’t have time to see all of it. I’ll be going back. It’s a place I’ve gone to many times in the past, but they’ve renovated it a lot recently.

In my own garden, some annual bulbs have blossomed. They always amaze me, because each tiny blossom has a tiny green dot on each petal.

A friend and I have started to send each other actual mail art that we create. In this decorated envelope I received from her, she included a stash of ephemera for me.

And finally, my sweet Sophie.

With all of the negative news that heightens anxiety, there are a few constants that soothe my soul. They are nature, art, and animals. I’ve also been re-reading Alan Watts recently. I found this quote regarding nature by Henry David Thoreau.

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.”

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Soul Food


My neighbors invited me and my husband, along with other neighborhood residents, to a Diwali dinner last night.  Diwali is a joyous five day Hindu celebration also called The Festival of Lights.  A few neighbors brought some traditional Japanese treats to add to the Indian dishes and sweets.  It was a perfect fall evening to enjoy patio dining enhanced by tiny colored lights.


I visited the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena today.  When my son was a toddler, it was a great place to let him run in the large open grassy areas while my husband and I took in the surroundings as we followed behind.  There are different kinds of “gardens” that make up the Huntington landscape.  Cactus, Japanese, Herb etc.  I always liked the sprawling hilly areas of grass.  The green used to be so green, but with the current drought California is experiencing, it didn’t have that emerald glow.  I captured a few of the lovely sights as I meandered along the paths.





The Huntington Gardens also has some galleries exhibiting old European and mid twentieth century American art. My favorite pieces were a contrast to the calm beauty of the gardens, but equally pleasing to the soul.


Above is a collage by Robert Rauschenberg, a Neo dadaist who began his studies at Black Mountain College.

Below is a painting by Lee Mullican who mixed fine paint applications with ancient mark making techniques.


This third painting is by American Impressionist painter Childe Hassam.


The following is a photo taken in the garden, but could almost be a mixed media collage.


It’s always a joy to be out amongst growing things whether it’s manicured gardens or a wilderness started by seeds floating in the air and falling to the ground to grow where they land.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein


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