Moving Into March

I went to a contemporary clay exhibit at one of my favorite places, the Folk Art Museum here in LA.  Many of the pieces were clay used as wall hangings like the one below.

A flower tree made of clay.

The next two were part of a series of pots with very thick glaze that appeared to be dripping down the sides.

Some melting pots coming down the stairs.

I also went to my favorite place that sells food products from Spain, called La Espanola.

Part of the chocolate section (below).

While I was there, I bought some wine from the Rioja region of Spain. I tasted some very good wine when I walked through that region during my Camino adventure.

In my walks through my neighborhood this past week, I found some pretty shadows from the sun in the late afternoons.

And flowers.

This week in class, I practiced with an intaglio image. I scratched into a piece of acrylic, inked it, then wiped off the excess ink. I tried a few different versions.

Thank you fro visiting. Enjoy your week.