Carpet Weaving

I saw some inspiring pieces at a museum in LA a couple days ago. It was also a good place to escape the heat.  This first one, my photo of a photo, looking through a window, could have passed as a painting.


One of the exhibits was called the Afghan Carpet Project which was a collaboration between a non profit group, American artists, and Afghan carpet weavers to help revitalize the traditional carpet weaving industry in that country. This first photo is a segment from a carpet called Blue Burqa.


An entire family works together weaving the yarns to make one carpet.  The next photo is a segment from one called Kite Fight.  Amazing skills…and patience.


The monthly book sale at one of the nearby libraries was yesterday.  This particular one has a considerable amount of very old books.  And even though I have read the ones I purchased, I was so drawn to them, I bought them anyway.  A whopping $1.00 each.  Not only is it extremely interesting to me that they are so old, and that they survived to this point, and I like to wonder who else has owned them, but they are like little art pieces.  Old leather covers with “Ernest Hemingway” embossed in a 1940 edition of For Whom the Bell Tolls, and an ancient photo of Robert Louis Stevenson in a 1928 mini edition of Treasure Island.



Working on my 10×10 panels.  In the meantime, this is a larger one I did a while back, using leaves for stamps.



I’ll leave you with a little LA sunshine (with a small amount of heat relief under a table umbrella).


Hope you are enjoying your September days.







Beach Magic

Summer is winding down, school is back in session, best time to enjoy the still sunny skies at the beach.  A good day for a ride up the coast, past Santa Monica, past Malibu, to a beach named Zuma.  The beach of my childhood.  Lovely day for watching the small waves roll in, surfers waiting for something bigger to ride. This little boy waited to take his turn after his dad finished.


Since it was a surfing area, there was no swimming allowed. But I was content to just sit, and let the beach magic roll over me.


A far off view of Santa Monica on the way home.


Back at home, I spotted a swallowtail in my yard.  Butterfly sightings seem to be getting rare these days.



P1030928 2

Still “playing ” with ideas to keep the creative juices flowing.  Some tiny leaf prints and some very quick sketches with oil pastels.



It’s been pretty hot here in Southern California, but early evenings are perfect for long walks.  I’ve been thinking of things I’ll do as it cools down.  I think I’ll ride my bike.  Something I haven’t done in a long time, but sounds appealing at the moment.  But for now, I’ll enjoy this time, where a subtle change and shifting begins to take place. More people on the freeway, but less people at the beach.  Enjoy your time.