In the Moment

I found this picture of a carved door in a magazine.  I liked the texture, so I made a small linoleum stamp with similar lines. That’s the stamp on top of the picture.

I used acrylic paint on the stamp and applied it to water color paper.  Half way through, I made stripes with water color paint on the part I had not yet stamped. Then I continued stamping over that with acrylic. I used less paint in some areas to get a distressed look.  I think I’ll make more with different patterns and colors.

A couple of “weather” photos showing some of the changes we’ve had from day to day.  The first one you can see Sophie in the shadows peeking out from behind the garden pottery.

The next one was in between down pours of rain. Beautiful fluffy clouds covered the sky.  We are expecting a lot more rain this week.  Last year we were very concerned about the lack of rain.  There has been so much rain in Northern California this year, that the largest dam in the U.S. is spilling over.  The concrete structure that carries water downhill is collapsing.  It is a dangerous situation to people living near the dam.  About 200,000 people had to be evacuated.

Hot chocolate is one of my favorite things.  When I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year I quickly learned to order “Cola Cao,” instead of “hot chocolate.” Hot chocolate in Spain is very thick like pudding, but Cola Cao is what you drink on a cold day.  There is a place near my house that sells food products from Spain.

Including Cola Cao!

I was thinking about my time walking the Camino as I looked around that store yesterday.  A joyfully peaceful experience of being in the moment.

Thank you all for visiting.  I appreciate it.







It will soon be time to take down the decorations.  Decorated rooms look bare when accumulated treasures are all removed and packed away.  But displaying them once a year makes the process of unpacking next Christmas like a treasure hunt of baubles and memories.  This little snowman is over 50 years old.  I was in the Brownies and it came on top of my Secret Santa gift.



I have not been consistent in doing a daily sketch, but here is a small pastel drawing I did from a Van Gogh painting titled “The Yellow Chair.”  It is so enjoyable when you can focus on something creative.


A finished mixed media piece.



Fabric, paint , paper, acrylic, ink, linoleum stamps, and stitching on canvas.  I like piecing square shapes together. In choosing the pattern, I was influenced by contemporary quilts.


We visited family for Christmas gatherings last week and last night, but today is quiet.  Nice for creating and reading.  Charlie is taking advantage of some downtime in front of the TV.


“We must have reasons for speech but none for silence.”