Yellows, Oranges, and Blue…Skies

Beautiful weather. A shining sun in a bright blue sky. These first two photos were taken In Long Beach, about 25 minutes from my house.

Yellows and oranges falling from trees, or still clinging, waiting for the right time to let go.

The oranges are at my mom’s house. I’ve had to go there a lot to put things in boxes to donate. A Refugee Resettlement group is going to take the furniture. There were only a few remaining roses. I brought them home along with some clippings of the stems to reroot. Hopefully they will survive, and I will have rose bushes to plant in my yard.

I couldn’t resist taking these colorful photos of some glassware from my mom’s.

This is an old Argus camera I used when I was eleven years old, I found it tucked away in a closet at my mom’s. You have to look through the top of the camera to see what you are taking a photo of. I’m going to research, to see if I can get film and try using it again.

Here is a photo I took with it in 1964, when my family went on a camping trip. The car is an old Ford Falcon.

When I was in college, I bought a book called “Diary of a Century,” with fantastic photos by Jacques Henri Lartigue. Many were taken when he was a child, starting in 1901. Even that long ago, and being so young, he was able to capture people in motion with his camera. Check out his work, if you haven’t already.

The next two photos are the artwork of my friend Toni. She used small tin boxes for these collages. The second one is from the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web.”  I love them.

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Exploring Without A Map

Further exploration in my quest to see new local places, led me across the Vincent Thomas Bridge to Long Beach.  It is a port city that receives a lot of international freight.



With this kind of exploring there’s no need for a map.  Just drive (or get out and walk) and observe. Long Beach is pretty large, so there are a lot of distinct areas that are different from each other. The part I was in is old and artsy.  Here’s a courtyard of an apartment complex. So picturesque.


Plants growing out of the SIDE of an office building.



A Cambodian Buddhist Temple.


This next picture is something I haven’t seen in ages.  After resisting, I finally had to get a cell phone for emergencies, because I no longer could find any pay phones.


These jacaranda trees are in bloom everywhere right now.  Here is one in front of a quintessential Southern California palm tree.


Finally, a sleeping cat with a squirrel who cannot decide if that cat is going to remain sleeping so he can make his move.  I watched the squirrel stick his head in and out of the fence opening but never made it any further.


Further explorations in future posts.

I worked more on my acrylic painting in the style of Wayne Thiebaud.  It’s further along, but still not finished.


It’s actually raining, which has been so rare in California this year.  So as I watch it through the windows, I’m going to use a cool idea from “Tall Tales from Kansas,” the blog of Carol Moss.  In one of her posts she made some teeny tiny quilts to patch some holes in a pair of jeans.  I’ve got a pair in mind that needs repair.  And I love quilts and anything tiny.  When my son was little, I got him a series of books called “I Spy.”  Each page was a gorgeous photo by Walter Wick of an assemblage of tiny things, and the reader had to try and find specific items.  I always wanted to create some of my own, but it would not only take MANY tiny gathered things, but also different BACKGROUND SETS, as each one was a different theme.  Kind of a Visual Exploration, in a Book.  Again, no map required.

Here is a photo of just a handful of tiny things I’ve collected.  But you must check out the I Spy books.  Each page of each book is mesmerizing.


Go exploring.  It can give you new perspective on a bad day, and a make a good day even better.