Museum Day Two

The Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles recently had an exhibit of art by Latino/Latina artists who drew inspiration from ideas involving the US-Mexico border.

This first one was built of cardboard to represent the hilltop dwellings in Tijuana (a city in Mexico just across the border) and parts of LA.

In this next one, the artist unraveled the thread from a Mexican blanket called a “serape” and created geometric shapes on the wall.

Tires are sometimes used in building construction found in hillside barrios of Tijuana. This artist also carves them to use in printmaking.

This structure was made from Patron tequila bottles. The bottle design is created by skilled glass artisans, and one of the ingredients in the tequila comes from the agave cactus which grows throughout the Americas.

I took photos of a couple of the houses near the museum. They were so magical looking,

I captured some Christmas spirit while walking through my neighborhood the last couple evenings.

Snow is not in the forecast, so we make snowmen out of lights.

And turn Palm trees into Christmas trees.

I also went to a Christmas tree display at a hospital near me. The trees are decorated by volunteers and sold to raise money for the neonatal department at the hospital.

Someone really liked the “Peanuts ” characters.

This next one was decorated with vintage ephemera.

Southern California has experienced many fires in the last week. Along with dry vegetation, the winds we usually get in October arrived even stronger as December began. My sister and her family were among the many many people forced to evacuate their home. Luckily, their house was saved. It will be a couple weeks before they can return. As so many houses around them were destroyed, there is a lot that the city has to do to clean up, and restore electricity. So luckily also, they are able to stay at my mom’s house since we haven’t sold it yet, even though the week before we donated almost everything to the Refugee Resettlement Program.

“What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?”   George Elliot

Thank you all for visiting.