Cloudy Day

My dad had many many tools and “things” in his garage to build and fix everything. After he passed away a few years ago, I cleaned out the garage and found a lot of tiny objects that I kept for art projects. Some of these I put to use this week, for the Tiny Pattern theme this month at Mullerin Art blog. I glued a couple of the pieces to an existing rubber stamp, to make some tiny patterns.

I made the whole piece tiny as well, about 3 by 3 inches. My ink pads all seemed to be drying out, but I kind of like the effect. They remind me of postage stamps.

During my walk, I found this tiny patterned sign on the sidewalk.

Although our winter has been like perpetual spring, it was actually a cloudy and cold day yesterday when I went to my printmaking class. Here are photos of the very old buildings where the art classes are held. They were used by the Navy during WWII.

The buildings are on top of a hill and overlook the ocean. You can see a slight horizon line where the ocean meets the clouds.

We worked on a lino cut in class. Here is my print of bamboo trees.

Last week I was sitting in my car at the animal shelter waiting for my friend who I volunteer with, and this hummingbird came right outside my closed car window. (He’s on the LEFT).  I grabbed my phone and took several pictures. I didn’t know if I had gotten him in any of them, because of course he kept moving. He was gone as quickly as he had arrived. It was a delightful moment.

Other than yesterday, the afternoons have been beautiful for walking. Here are a couple sights I saw today. This first one was in the middle of the sidewalk. I don’t know what the piece of metal was for, but some greenery had started growing in it like a little potted plant.

And if this yard were a painting, it would be a mixed media piece.

In my last post, I shared some mail art from a friend of mine. Here is the one I made for her, and included some paper ephemera inside that she could use for collages. The bears were on a card from the 1940’s I got from my mom’s papers she saved.

Enjoy you week. Thank you for visiting my blog.












Out and About

A takeaway from a trip to Blick Art Supply Store in Santa Monica. This was on the outside of their building.

The reason for the art store trip was the new Printmaking class I started. It’s in some old buildings in San Pedro that were used by the Navy during WWII. They are the perfect place for art studios, old and funky.

Some examples done by the teacher. Next week I’ll get some photos of the outside, and hopefully something I’ve made.

After the class I drove beyond downtown to meet with a friend. We went for a short visit to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. It is huge, and we didn’t have time to see all of it. I’ll be going back. It’s a place I’ve gone to many times in the past, but they’ve renovated it a lot recently.

In my own garden, some annual bulbs have blossomed. They always amaze me, because each tiny blossom has a tiny green dot on each petal.

A friend and I have started to send each other actual mail art that we create. In this decorated envelope I received from her, she included a stash of ephemera for me.

And finally, my sweet Sophie.

With all of the negative news that heightens anxiety, there are a few constants that soothe my soul. They are nature, art, and animals. I’ve also been re-reading Alan Watts recently. I found this quote regarding nature by Henry David Thoreau.

“There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.”

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You’ve Got Mail

I love mail art.  One of my favorites is the one Pablo Picasso sent to his friend Jean Cocteau.


I don’t have any vintage postcards, but I wanted to try some mail art, so I gathered some postcards I’ve collected from museums and started playing.  This first one is my submission to SUNDAY SKETCHES.  It’s a very simple water color with a little stitching.


What got me started was something a friend and I are working on to sell at a craft/collectible fair in the fall.  We are making tiny journals (about 3 inches by 4 inches).  I had so much stuff out on my table, that besides the journals, I got some ideas for mail art.  Here is one of the journal covers.


And a few more pieces of mail art.


The last two don’t have an address, so it’s more like art on a post card.



The following photos are not anything extraordinary, but I took them when I was walking the other evening around 7:00. The AIR was extraordinary.  Although I live about five miles from the ocean, there was an ocean breeze blowing, and the sun was casting long shadows.  The light on the side of the street where the sun was still shining, was so beautiful as well.  I’m always aware of the kind of light created at different times of the year.  In fall, there’s a yellow glow as the sun is setting.  As I walked, the light and air were so typical of the end of a summer’s day, being so near the ocean.




It is impossible not to be aware of the very sad direction life is moving in, here and everywhere.  It is also impossible to find words, but impossible to ignore.  I found these.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein