Climate Changes

We finally got rain. Two nights of rain while we slept. When the morning came, the sun was shining. It left us with brilliant blue sky and puffy clouds. Following the first night of rain, my husband and I had to drive to an appointment a couple hours from our house. Looking out the windows of the car we saw this, the entire way. The rain left us a clean landscape to marvel at. We are in need of a lot more rain though, in order to avoid drought conditions when summer arrives.

I went to my printmaking class on Saturday. We gathered leaves from outside and made a mono type. There are two printing presses in the classroom. One starts by pushing a button. The other one is 50 years old, and the huge wheel on it needs to be turned by hand.

I liked the embossed leaves that showed on the back of the print as well.

I made a “ghost” print by putting another sheet of paper through the press without re-inking the plate. I just added a few different twigs I found outside.

Since it was cloudy last week when I went to class, I took some photos of the area again with the sun shining. The old buildings for the art classes below, and the view of the ocean going down the hill.

When you get to the bottom of the hill and cross the street, this is the view (below). There were a lot of sailboats out in the water, but in the photo they look like tiny specks.

Today was very cold, and windy, and a tiny bit of rain, and a rainbow as an added bonus.

Winters in Southern California used to be cold with lots of rain. That has changed in recent years, so a day with fluffy clouds, or without sunshine, or just a COLD day seems almost remarkable.

I hope you are enjoying the weather near you. Thank you for visiting.