Strolling in the Sunshine

One of the administrative headquarters of Paramhansa Yogananda is located in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles. It is one of the older areas of LA, where the houses were built on hillsides. At that time, there were no roads for access, only historic stairs, that still exist. The large administrative building was originally built as a hotel in 1909, and people needed to use a cable car to get to it. Yogananda bought it in 1925 to use as a school. It is now referred to as The Self Realization Fellowship Center. There is another Center in Malibu.

The grounds are open to the public to walk around and enjoy the peacefulness and quiet. That’s what I did yesterday with a friend. I was in need of some peacefulness and quiet, so it was perfect. I took some photos to share. It was another warm beautiful sunny day.

The following two photos were images on some large planters.

The next two photos show one of the old beautiful houses and streets in the residential area around the Center.

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White Snow, Green Trees

A mixed media piece I did a while back. Acrylic on canvas with stitching and leaf prints.


I went for a drive a few days ago to an older part of LA called Mt. Washington.  Many of the streets spiral upward and provide special views.  Snow on our local mountains. The result of a thunderstorm the night before.


The day was very beautiful after the cleansing rain.  Everywhere I looked was green.


Being that it’s an older area, the trees and plants are lush and overgrown.  I love that.



And of course the houses have so much character and charm.


It is pouring right now (we’ve been waiting), although not expected to last too long. I thought I’d practice a small watercolor sketch. It’s from a photograph of a trip I took to the city of Stirling in Scotland. Home of Stirling castle, which houses the sword of William Wallace (Braveheart).


Here is a watercolor I did a while back.  At the time, I enjoyed trying to paint the details of the chairs and tablecloth.



Thank you for visiting.



After the Rain

It was a beautiful day after long awaited rain in the Los Angeles area.  Crisp air, bright sun, blue sky.  A perfect day for another stair walk.  This one was actually in the neighborhood of a friend, so we went together.  It is the Glassell Park/Mt. Washington area beyond downtown. A lot of older and renovated houses and very charming.



It had one large staircase with 102 steps.  The steps had also been renovated, and someone had painted very lovely scenes at various intervals along the way.


Lots of pretty details on the houses we passed.


After completing the stairs and a lot of walking on winding uphill streets, we came to a panoramic view stretching from Eagle Rock to Pasadena and beyond.



A plant that caught my eye (through a fence, hence the white spot).


A final picture from the painted steps.


When it was time for me to head home I got into my blue Honda Fit and hit the freeway.  And although it was a gorgeous day to be outside, the freeway was generally free of traffic, lucky lucky me.

“Weather forecast for tonight: dark.”

George Carlin