Stair Walking in LA

I worked on a paper lithograph in my class yesterday. I used a photo copy of a picture my husband took when we went to Rome many years ago.

I put gum arabic on the copy, wiped it with a damp sponge, inked it, wiped with water again, inked again, then printed.

The photo copy started to disintegrate, so I wasn’t able to make another inked print, but I like the look of the photo copy after printing (below).

On my way home from class, I spotted this artist (below) painting a mural on a huge wall. I stopped to talk with her. She told me she had been commissioned by the people living in the house up above the wall. She had been working on and off for three weeks already.

I went on a stair walk a few days ago. They are historic stairs in the older parts of Los Angeles, in the areas where houses were built on hillsides. Before streets were made for cars to drive up the hills, the only way people could get to their homes was by walking up the old stairs. They had to carry everything up the stairs. The ones I hiked were used in the old movie with Laurel and Hardy called “The Music Box.” It was made in 1932. In the movie, Laurel and Hardy had to get a piano up the stairs. Although the stairs remain, there are now streets for cars as well.  For example, the stairs below had 133 steps. When I got to the top, there was a street, but another set of stairs leading up another hill.

It is so interesting to see these old neighborhoods.

On this street, you can see downtown LA in the background.

There are about 40 different places in Los Angeles where these stairs are located. They each have a different amount of steps. This particular set of stairs I walked a few days ago had a total of 705 steps.

There are a lot of interesting old houses to see.  This one had a mosaic angel.

This was in one of the sidewalks. I have no idea how old it might be.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your week.