Cloudy Day Adventure

Recently I went through all the small pieces of fabric I have, and selected some favorites.  I enjoy sewing by hand. I used the pieces to hand stitch a scene looking out of a window. Some of my favorite paintings by Matisse, Chagall, Dufy and others are window scenes, although they usually include part of a room interior. But I wanted to kept it simple. This window is about nine by twelve. The flowers and vase are from a vintage quilt.

Quite some time ago I hand stitched another window, although there isn’t any scenery, just what’s sitting on the window sill. This one is about sixteen by twenty. Perhaps I’ll make a series of hand stitched window scenes. It’s very relaxing.

This morning there were clouds in the sky that were supposed to last throughout the day.  A perfect day to go on a historical stair walk.  The older areas north of LA are built on hillsides.  Before the streets were put in, people had to carry their groceries, furniture etc. up old stairs that still exist. It is one of my favorite things to do. I get to see areas that I would miss just driving on the freeway. It’s always a little adventure.

After passing this school, we came to a rural area.  You can see the golden color of summer here, in these large open spaces. I’d like to go back in Spring when it will be in bloom.

One of the sections of stairs had 219 steps.

Lots to see on the way up.

Unusual houses and garden decorations.

Modern renovated houses.

Little gardens and decorative stairs.

This window had a curtain made out of beautifully cut paper.

A view from the top.

A couple nights ago I was walking near my house, and the air was so cool it reminded me of Fall weather. It’s not too far off, but we still need to see what September brings.  It is our warmest month.

Thank you always for visiting.  Enjoy your week.