Blue, Gray, Back to Blue

We finally got two days of rain. But even during those two days it was sporadic, stopping and starting. While I was driving in the car on the first day, it was pouring. I was STOPPED at a red light when I took this photo.

In between the rain stopping and starting, I took the dogs out for a walk.

The neighbors grass was so green, and their vegetable garden was soaking up the water.

Then I saw this.

But today we were back to beautiful and very warm sunshine. I was out near my mom’s house. Some of the buildings had shimmering reflections. The giant horse was outside of a restaurant.

I stopped at my mom’s to help my sister trim all the rose bushes. She and her family are still living there after being evacuated from their house due to one of the huge fires we had here. Their house had a lot of smoke damage and needs some repair.  As we trimmed, there were still a few roses blooming that I brought home, along with  oranges from the tree.

Here are a few more collages from vintage papers. The first one incorporates some images from small books about places around the world that I had as a child.

This next one has some images from a stamp I made.

And this last one has pages from a child’s school autograph book from 1927. It belonged to my mom’s aunt.

Enjoy your week. Thank you for visiting my blog.











Source of a Smile

Little joys…

1. The rain.  It came to LA today and a good amount.  More expected tomorrow.


The rain made all the greens in this yard even greener, with a little of it’s complementary color (red) for additional appeal.


This next one looks like smoke but they’re actually rain clouds.


2. One dollar socks.


3. Tiny lights on my fruitless olive tree.


4.  Fabric for my new mixed media pieces.


5.  Taking pictures.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh  (Zen Buddhist monk and peace activist)