Life’s Short…Eat Cookies

I went on a small downtown adventure with a friend on Friday. We did a lot of walking, it was hot, and there were lots of pedestrians and cars. But it was fun.  We had two destinations in mind, about 30 minutes walk from each other, so we parked in between. One stop was in Chinatown at the small Good Luck gallery to see some art work by Anna Zemankova. She was born in what is now the Czech Republic in 1908.  She was self taught, and made fantasy depictions of flowers using pencil, paper, fabric, embroidery, and beads. Her work is also being shown in Lausanne, Switzerland and New York.  My photos only show portions of some of the pieces, to try and show the detail in her art.

The gallery was in a little pedestrian walkway.

Our other stop was The Last Bookstore.  It is a huge and very unique place that primarily sells used books.  There are a lot of sculptural displays using old books.

But in between the gallery and the bookstore we stopped for a delicious lunch, and after the lunch, I ordered some of these beignets.  Really wonderful.

I’ve been trying to walk each day. The later afternoon is best because the weather has warmed up quite a bit.  Here are a few shots during one of those walks.

Finally a couple shots of little Lucy. This is a fabric tent about three feet long that folds up like an accordion. Here she is with Charlie. Lucy and Sophie (the cat) chase each other through it…

but sometimes she likes to get in it herself and wear it like a dress.

Enjoy your week.  Eat lots of cookies, and thank you for visiting my blog.








El Centro de Ciudad

I drove to downtown LA today.  I took some photos from my car as I looked for a better parking deal than $3.00 every 15 minutes.  While looking for parking, I also had to navigate the one way streets as I attempted to get to my destination.



There are a lot of new modern high rise apartments going up in downtown, but there are also lots of old small shops selling wares at discounted prices.


I finally found parking for $6.00 flat rate.  What a deal.  And very close to The Last Bookstore, where I was headed.  It’s a funky place with literally millions of used books.  But the funky part is how the books are arranged, and the decor that’s made with books.  In the picture below, I’m standing on the second floor.  The design above the window is made with books.  The second floor is like a tunnel that goes on and on with shelves everywhere.



I knew I’d be hungry for the ride home in Friday rush hour traffic, so I got a quick bite at Starbucks.  A sandwich with melted mozzarella, pesto and tomatoes.  Besides many high rise apartments, there are a lot of artists lofts. I think most of the tenants must have a dog.  Lots of dog walking going on.  A nice day for walking.  Kind of balmy.


I’m working on another piece for my map series.  Many years ago, while hitch hiking through Europe, a friend and I stayed in a youth hostel in the Black Forest in Germany, and then took a trip on the Rhine.  In the city of Bacharach, the hostel was actually a castle on a hilltop.  For the piece below, I primarily used fabric, except for the map itself.  I still have some stitching to do.


A photo below of the Black Forest.


And another of Bacharach.


Still a lot of lands to see, but a visit to El Centro de Ciudad is always balm for a soul yearning to wander.  Hope you have time for wandering this week.