Train Sightings

I’ve been continuing my work on my map series.   Many years ago I visited the house where the painter Claude Monet had lived.  He established an artist’s colony at his home in the village of Giverny.  His gardens and water lily ponds were the subject of many of his paintings.  If you are visiting Giverny, it is a short train ride from Paris to the city of Vernon.  Besides cutting up maps, I’ve used a large variety of materials in the series.  This one is primarily fabric.


I’m not quite finished.  I need to embroider a lot more flowers for the garden, along with some stitching in the lily pond.


Today, while cruising the neighborhood, I drove through the adjoining city of Lomita.  It has a lot of charming older homes.  But right in the middle of the residential streets, is a small train museum.  It actually seems like the setting for Thomas the Tank Engine’s Shiny Time Station.  All the elementary schools in the area go on field trips to the little museum.  I remember accompanying my son’s class many years ago.



There’s a cute park across the street where you can eat your lunch, if you bring one.


But it’s pretty unique to have a train museum on the same street as your house.


My parting shot is looking out of my little house (studio).  I was sitting in there today looking at a book of Vermont called “The Soul of Vermont” that I got from the library “books for sale” shelf.  It has gorgeous photos by Richard Brown that include all the seasons in Vermont.  We have had beautiful weather here, but we don’t get to experience real true “seasons”. Our seasonal changes are very subtle. Vermont has been on my places to visit list for a long time, but now I feel a real push to go.



“Most parts of the country enjoy robins and pussy willows in March, but in Vermont we get mud”.

Richard Brown, “The Soul of Vermont”