We have had some beautiful cloud formations that change throughout the day. The color of the sky is so blue, and the sun shines brightly but is not the hot sun of summer. These are our November days. Perfect for walking, but the sun is gone by 5:00 now, so I have to schedule accordingly.

I was so surprised to find these on my walk yesterday. I’ve never seen any mushrooms like this except in books.

In my yard, my Mexican marigold plant is in full bloom. The more I trim it, the more it grows. It covers an area the size of a small car.

This next photo is one I took from my car on the way to my mom’s house. We have a lot of packing to do there. Most of it we will donate to charity. It was Sunday morning so there was very little traffic on the freeway. Sunday morning is the only time the freeway is not completely packed with cars. Usually you would not see the road in a photo like this, just solid cars.

Today was my day volunteering at the shelter. This little guy was there. I’m sure he had been someone’s pet. He was very friendly and continued to wag his tail while we talked to him.

The November theme for Mullerin Art blog is mark making with the color gray. I have to think of some ideas to make my own marks, but here are some I found in the neighborhood.

a tree.


tire marks on a curb.

Finally, there is a store called Anthropologie that always has the most creative window displays. This was their most recent.

Not a lot to report, just sharing some recent sightings. Enjoy your days. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.