New Year

I have been going through all the vintage ephemera I got from my mom’s house, and some that I have gotten at flea markets. I started cutting out pieces that I liked. Then I grouped them into piles that I thought I could put together in collages. It was a nice way of saving what appealed to me, and also preserving memories, without keeping everything and just storing it away in cupboards. It is so easy to accumulate things that we don’t necessarily use or look at often for enjoyment.  I have made quite a few collages so far, but I will share two of them now. I still want to put some stitching on the others.

My parents grew up in Minnesota. My father went to Seattle Washington to get work as an airplane mechanic after World War II. My mother followed him out there, and they got married. This first collage has some of the information about the train she took to Seattle in 1949.  Some of the other pieces on the collage are from vintage brochures of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks where we camped every summer.

This second one includes some of the many old product brochures from the 1950’s that included recipes.

I’ve been stranded in the house the last couple weeks due to bronchitis. It’s given me a lot of time to cut and paste. I’ve toured my backyard each day to feel the sunshine, since I haven’t been able to go on my neighborhood walks. While wandering in the yard, I looked for some interesting things to photograph. The winter state of the yard is kind of bleak. No snow landscapes, and no rain to bring out the green. Here are a few things from my patio. I don’t know the name of this first plant. A friend gave me a tiny clipping from her plant, and it has grown exceedingly well and large with these little dangling flowers.

This next one is one of the many succulents I have acquired.

Finally, although I am pretty housebound, I have ventured out on occasion to the drive-thru Starbucks very close to my house. I love hot chocolate. I make it at home a lot, but it’s always a treat to get some from Starbucks. They make  excellent hot chocolate. Since this Starbucks is a drive-thru, I like to sit in the quiet of my car and enjoy it.

Happy New Year.  May the New Year bring us rational thinking and compassionate leaders that want to work for the good of the world and its people. Thank you all for visiting.