Being Small in a Big World

My three dogs, Charley, Maggie and Lucy were in a little huddle the other day, looking intently at something.  I knew I should check it out.  They were just staring at the smallest most incredibly cute wood mouse (I found out the name later).  When I first saw it I wasn’t sure what it was because I’d never seen such a round body on a mouse.  Even though it was very small, I could see the tiny nails on its “toes” that were spaced very far apart. The dogs surprisingly were not trying to play with it, just looking on silently.  I got them in the house and moved it to a new location.


I couldn’t take a picture so I drew one.  Looking at it made me think about how huge everything must seem to such a tiny creature.  How vulnerable it is to everything. I enjoy seeing critters come into the yard.  We’ve had opossums, raccoons, skunks, and the Coopers hawk I found standing in the bird bath.  The favorite of the dogs though are definitely squirrels.


They go along the walls and from one tree to the next, never having to touch ground.  Maggie and Lucy especially will continually rush outside when alerted by the dogs next door.  Ben, my Sheltie that passed way used to run in wide circles on the ground as the squirrels darted across the telephone wires. He had a very strong herding instinct.


Now that it’s October I’ve been getting some Christmas ornament ideas together for a friend’s church boutique, the proceeds going to a couple charities.  It’s fun to be creative, no matter what the project.  I’ve got the materials, now it’s time to cut, paste, paint and sew.



A neighbor left a bag of oranges on my porch, perfect for freshly squeezed juice.  A last taste of summer.


“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou


Create something.